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Floyd Mayweather Announces Upcoming Exhibition Fight Against Logan Paul

(Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

Video cameras better be rolling as the undefeated boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather steps into the ring to go up against Youtube personality Logan Paul.

A sports headline many wouldn’t believe has officially been confirmed. One of the strangest announcements in the history of boxing has been released with Floyd Mayweather taking on social media star Logan Paul for a bizarre exhibition fight on February 20, 2021.

The differences in the two fighters are astounding as Floyd retired 50-0, having never been defeated in the ring. However, Paul lost the one pro match he’s ever competed in, against KSI, a fellow internet sensation. The loss left Paul with a score of 0-1.

Following the announcement of the fight, Logan Paul began getting a little too big for his britches when answering questions regarding the match.

TMZ recorded Logan while the paparazzi asked him about fighting Mayweather.

“If I caught Floyd with one punch — one punch — I would snap this f**ker in half.” Paul added, “If I caught Floyd in a real fight, street fight, whoop his ass! No question.”

In response to Paul’s cockiness in the video, Floyd finally returned with an answer Wednesday night.

“These YouTube girls better find some Barbie dolls to play with ’cause I’m not the one for the kid games,” Mayweather tweeted while promising to beat Paul’s a** like he did Conor McGregor.

The Two Differences in the Boxers

The term “exhibition” means the match is not counting either of the fighter’s professional records.

Two of the major differences between the boxers are:

Floyd, 43, has had a legendary career as he took out some of the best boxers in the world, including Manny Pacquiao, Oscar De La Hoya, and Canelo Alvarez, before Mayweather retired with his legendary pro-record of zero losses still in check.

Logan, 25, suffered defeat by another fellow internet sensation in 2019. The loss is the only pro-battle he’s competed in with a 0-1 losing record

Mayweather stands at 5’8″. During his last fight, he weighed 150 pounds. Logan is 6′ 2″ weighing a good 50 pounds more than Mayweather did at his final fight.

Floyd Mayweather Returns From Retirement

However, Mayweather seems to be remaining as the most humble of the two. He officially retired in 2015, but only returned once in 2017 to beat Conor McGregor

Mayweather will be stepping out of retirement. His career includes being a five-division winner with 50 wins and 27 KO’s under his belt. 

The revelations come after months of suspicions beginning to soar and talks about the exhibition on the rise. Mayweather finally released the confirmation video to his Instagram page on Sunday via video.

There’s no chance to back out now that the showdown has been confirmed.