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Former NFL Quarterback Jay Cutler Enjoys ‘Change of Pace’ in North Carolina Wilderness

Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Former NFL quarterback Jay Cutler has been enjoying his time recently in the North Carolina wilderness. He posted to his Instagram that his time spent there has been a nice change of pace.

The former Chicago Bears passer has been embracing his inner outdoorsman this year. He wrote the following message to his Instagram followers on Sunday evening.

“Little change of pace on the east coast. NC doing it,” Cutler wrote.

Cutler also provided some updates via his Instagram story. The ex-quarterback posted a picture, zooming in on a large pile of steamed oysters he was presumably about to eat.

He also posted a short video clip capturing a close encounter with a young black bear. The video shows the young bear cub climbing up a tree. Cutler captions the video calling the bear his “BFF” and says the bear is “showing off.”

Just yesterday, Cutler added another Instagram story showing a black bear jaunting up to him coming within inches.

Jay Cutler Hunting Background

Cutler has been showing off the outdoorsman side of his personality recently on social media.

A couple weeks ago, the former quarterback bagged an impressive elk during a recent Montana hunting trip.

Cutler posted two photos of himself posing next to the massive elk on his Instagram page. It’s an incredible kill without a doubt to go along with the incredible Montana scenery.

“That’s a wrap in MT. @christensenarms is 2-2 so far,” Cutler wrote.

Shortly before his hunt in Montana, Cutler showed off a photo of another elk he took down, this one in New Mexico.

“It’s a wrap in NM. Amazing hunt. Short but sweet,” Cutler says, posing with the elk.

Jay Cutler has made no secret of his love of hunting. The Indiana native grew up hunting. In September, he posted a photo of a successful hunt he took with his dad. The two are posed next to the velvet deers they shot.

Furthermore, Cutler starred on the reality show “Very Cavallari” with soon-to-be ex-wife Kristen Cavallari. Several episodes of the show featured his frequent hunting trips. Long, the former offensive lineman, told a story recently about a hunting trip with Cutler where they shot feral hogs from the skids of a helicopter.