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Golf Legend Jack Nicklaus Sends Father’s Day Message All Dads Need to Hear: ‘Bring Your Family Together’

(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Across the United States of America today (Sunday, June 20, 2021), fathers are enjoying time with their families. One of the men celebrating today is one of the most celebrated golfers in the history of the sport. That man is “The Golden Bear” himself – Jack Nicklaus.

And as part of his 2021 Father’s Day celebration, he shared some words of wisdom for all the fathers out there.

The legendary golfer talked about family and Father’s Day with “Fox & Friends Weekend” on Sunday. Nicklaus appeared with two members of his family – his son and his grandson.

So, what words of wisdom did The Golden Bear have for other fathers out there? Well, it’s a simple, yet powerful message.

“Bring your family together as often as you can,” Jack Nicklaus said.

He also advised that family members do another very simple thing to show one another how much they care. “Tell them you love them,” Nicklaus said during the interview alongside his son and grandson.  

Nicklaus also shared some entertaining ways for families to spend time together on the annual holiday. Unsurprisingly, one of those activities was watching the U.S. Open played at Torrey Pines together. The Golden Bear also offered up swimming, ping pong, and brunch as other fun activities to share as a family.

Jack Nicklaus Said He Made His Family a Priority During His Legendary Golf Career

The professional golf career of Jack Nicklaus is one for the ages. The man won 18 major PGA titles. This put him at the top of the all-time list.

“My family’s always been number one. Golf was always number two. As long as I kept my family first, and kept my priorities there, that’s where I wanted them,” Nicklaus told Fox News.

Jack Nicklaus also shared more about how he kept his family life and his professional life in balance.

“My goal was to have my kids know me, have them be part of my life, have me be part of their lives — and I think that’s by far the most important thing. Golf is just a game; it happened to be a great game for me – but having them share that with me was very special,” he said.

Thanks to his son, Jack Nicklaus II, some of The Golden Bear’s wisdom has found its way to the masses. Junior recently wrote a book about his father and the many life lessons he shared with his son over the years.

That book is titled, “Best Seat in the House: 18 Golden Lessons from a Father to His Son.” Unsurprisingly, the book includes tips golfers can use while on the course. However, maybe more importantly, there are many words of wisdom from Jack Nicklaus about life off the course included in the book.

Junior said during the “Fox & Friends Weekend” interview about his famous father that “most people know him as the guy who won all those golf tournaments. I know him as ‘Dad.’”

These weren’t the only kind words the son had to say about his father.

“He’s the greatest role model that I’ve ever experienced and watched. I’m so proud of him,” Jack Nicklaus II said.