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Golfers Fight Camouflage Attackers Hiding in Woods After Prank Gone Wrong

(Photo by Cliff Williams/NCAA Photos via Getty Images)

When on the green, some golfers need absolute silence to focus on their grip and backswing. The difference between a bogey and a birdie can be the subtle change of wind or perhaps the slope of the grass. In order to notice all of these factors, the players must be in tune with their surroundings.

When this Alabama golfer lined up his shot, nothing could break his concentration – until an airhorn erupted from the woods behind him. While playing in a tournament at Craft Farms Golf Resort in Gulf Shores, three golfers were the victim of what started as a harmless prank. Several people dressed in camouflage attire hid in the surrounding woods, waiting for the perfect opportunity to blow the horn and spook the golfers. The trio of sportsmen reached hole #3 at Cotton Creek Course at 1 p.m. Just as one of the men began to swing, the prankster blew the airhorn. The trick worked, but it had consequences.

Once they located the culprits, the three golfers decided to confront the man responsible for the noise. That’s when the situation turned physical. A fight broke out, and soon, more camouflaged pranksters emerged from the woods to join the brawl. As a result, one golfer ended up with broken teeth and a severe cut on the head. Medical teams transported the sportsman to a local hospital.

Witness Captures Photo of Car that May Lead to Arrest Golfers’ Attackers

According to the following report, pranksters were teenagers or of college-age. Police suspect that at least six individuals besides the three golfers were a part of the fight. Two others may have been in a getaway car. Unfortunately, the attackers escaped before the police could apprehend them.

Lucky for Gulf Shores Police Department, though, a concerned witness did manage to snap a photo of the getaway car and license plate. While doing yard work, the local resident watched a car pull into the street’s dead end. At first, he didn’t think much of it. After a few moments, he decided to ask the drivers what they were doing. According to the resident’s account, the two individuals claimed to be picking up friends that were fishing at the golf course. Shortly after, a group of individuals in face paint and camouflage came running out of the woods. Sensing the crew was a part of a crime, the witness caught a picture of the car and license plate on his phone.

“We believe that we are going to know who they were today. I think that we are getting close to an identification,” Lt. Jason Woodruff with Gulf Shores Police said. “I think they’re probably…I won’t say local but local to this county.”