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Home Game Tradition: High School Football Players Honor Faculty Members by Giving Them Their Jerseys

Mandatory Credit: Al Bello

Life doesn’t get much better than attending a high school football game on a cool Friday night and cheering for the home team.

High School ball instills a sense of pride in the community in which the high school resides. A Friday night football matchup acts as a conductor to bring people from all walks of life together in person and in spirit. Students, alumni and fans wear the colors of their local team and yell as loud as they can in support of their school.

For three hours every Friday night, not much else matters in the world except for watching your team compete. Win or lose doesn’t really matter — the game is bigger than the final score displayed on the scoreboard.

You’re there in the stands to support your team and feed your soul. Much as your high school football team does, you give it all you got. Screaming at the top of your lungs, applauding your team’s effort and jumping up and down leaves you as tired as the players on the field. Despite three hours of an emotional and physical roller coaster, you leave the stadium feeling refreshed and whole once more.

There are unsung heroes behind the curtains that make the world of high school football go round. They are the teachers and the administrators of the high school you root for. None of this is possible without them and yet very little credit ever comes their way. A high school football team in Greenwood, South Carolin aims to give credit where it is due. A new tradition for Emerald High School is revealed in a Facebook post.

Football Team Honors High School Faculty With Game Jerseys

“Emerald High School now has a new gameday tradition called ‘My Jersey. Your Impact,’” the post says. For each home game, senior football players select and surprise a faculty member who has made an impact on them during their years at EHS and ask that individual to wear their uniform throughout the school day. Today, several faculty members were surprised and excited by the gratitude and appreciation the players showcased with this surprise recognition. What an amazing impact our faculty and staff make each day on our students.”

The Facebook post includes several photos of the Emerald High School Football players choosing faculty members to wear their jerseys. As you can tell by their faces, the school’s faculty members are very excited by the gesture.

A small school in Greenwood, South Carolina, the Emerald High School Vikings are 2-3 on the year. While they have an overall losing record, they are a perfect 1-0 inside their district, which puts them in first place. This Friday, they will take on Daniel High School in a non-regional matchup. It is a home game for the Vikings — meaning teachers at the school will don the player’s jersey during the day.