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WATCH: Indoor Football Brawl Spills Into Crowd After Fan Hits Player With Metal Folding Chair

OTTAWA, ON - JUNE 30: Photo by Richard A. Whittaker/Icon Sportswire)

They say that in the trenches, the collision between offensive and defensive linemen is similar to a car wreck. In this indoor football league, impact comes when you least expect. In a greater representation of the WWE + football than the XFL, one fan opted to participate in a brawl between competitors, hitting a player on the back on the head with a metal folding chair.

Luckily for the fans at home, the whole thing is on tape. CBS7 – West Texas’ Jakob Brandenburg shared the video on Saturday night.

The reporter also shared an alternative angle of the incident spilling into the stands with haymakers thrown left and right.

There’s obviously zero love lost between the West Texas Warbirds and Dallas Prime. However, it’s nice to witness two bitter rivals come together to… beat the snot out of an unruly fan. Members of the Prime split from the melee on the field level to pursue a grudge with the chair-wielding patron.

A report from Midland Reporter-Telegram – a local news source – confirms no arrests or severe injuries resulting from the incident. However, an investigation into the brawl remains ongoing.

Managing partner and president of the Warbirds Leif Curtis expressed shock and disappointment in a press conference on Sunday. The executive says, “Regardless of anything that was said on the floor, we do want to apologize to the people of Odessa for what they witnessed last night, and to the people of the Permian Basin as well. This incident is not indicative of how our organization operates. We are confident that after all the appropriate investigations are completed, details will be better known”.

Opportunity Awaits Following Indoor Football Brawl

Police shouldn’t charge the culprit in the stands (even though, yes, they should), rather turn him over to the WWE. That’s clearly where this gentleman belongs. The ultimate heel. If it’s true that nobody sustained injuries in the brouhaha, that means the fan wielding the chair survived a beatdown from multiple fully-padded players.

Am I to believe this man deserves less of a shot than recent WWE signee Logan Paul? The celebrity “influencer” announced a deal with the entertainment wrestling company last month. The 27-year-old’s younger brother attempts a breakthrough in the boxing ring, but maybe we see Logan getting a chair to the back of the head John Cena style in due time.