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Is Tom Brady the Greatest Athlete of All Time? Paige Spiranac Has Her Answer

Photo by Rachel Murray/Getty Images for MaximExperiences

Pro golfer and famous model Paige Spiranac has her own idea of who the greatest athlete of all time is.

Spiranac sent a response to The Athletic’s tweet from two days ago. They asked a “simple” question to their fans and followers that drew all kinds of different responses.

“It’s a simple question but a difficult answer. Is @TomBrady the greatest athlete of all time?” The Athletic asked on Saturday.

Spiranac had some interesting timing in sending her response. She decides that it would be a good time to respond the day after Tom Brady won his seventh Super Bowl. In her humble opinion, former NFL running back Bo Jackson was the greatest athlete of all time.

“No. Bo Jackson is the greatest athlete of all time and if you disagree then watch Tom Brady run a 40 yard dash”

One of Spiranac’s followers quickly replied, saying that he agrees, but Brady is still the GOAT (greatest of all time). Paige Spiranac agreed back saying, “Agree. But there’s a difference between being the GOAT in your respected sport and being the greatest athlete of all time.”

It’s hard to argue with her logic there. But many of her fans didn’t see things the same way. One user (@arcadeflame) says, “Athlete isn’t limiting to physical capability. A good athlete has leadership skills, in-game IQ, the ability to elevate his teammates, and the clutch gene. If athlete just meant athleticism then DK Metcalf is the GOAT.”

Patrick (@pmaldonado316) says, “Bo Jackson? Haha! Deion Sanders was a superior athlete than Jackson. Jackson couldn’t even stay healthy. Tom is the goat 🐐”

Paige Spiranac Not Happy with Referees at Super Bowl

We know by now that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers took down the Kansas City Chiefs in convincing fashion to claim the Lombardi Trophy. The Bucs played a great game on both offense and defense. The offense put up 31 points behind three passing touchdowns from quarterback Tom Brady.

Meanwhile, the Buccaneers’ defense was just as good, holding the explosive Kansas City offense to just nine points and zero touchdowns. Brady took home the Most Valuable Player award.

However, not everyone is happy about how the Super Bowl turned out. Many NFL fans, including Paige Spiranac, have been blaming the game’s officiating crew for a poor performance. The model and pro golfer took to Twitter during the game to call out the game’s refs on what she and others thought were questionable calls. Spiranac summed up her feelings during the game last night with just three words.

“These refs suck,” she says simply in the tweet. Other fans obviously agree with her take as the post has drawn in nearly 3,000 likes since being posted.