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Jacksonville Jaguars Fans Push to Vote Yannick Ngakoue into Pro Bowl to Improve Future Draft Order

(Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images)

The Jacksonville Jaguars fans are asking people to vote Yannick Ngakoue into this year’s NFL Pro Bowl. If this can happen, the Jaguars will get a fourth-round draft pick from the Minnesota Vikings.

Initially, the Jaguars received a conditional fifth-round pick from the Vikings in addition to a second-rounder. But the conditions of the Ngakoue trade can change that pick around completely.

The fifth-round pick can be upgraded to a fourth-round pick if Ngakoue makes the Pro Bowl this season.

Moreover, it can even become a third round pick if he makes the Pro Bowl and the Ravens win the Super Bowl.

The Ravens factor into this equation because they acquired Ngakoue from the Vikings this season. While this trade does not affect the Jaguars much, the conditions still remain the same between the Vikings and Jaguars, potentially helping Jacksonville in the long-term.

Jacksonville Voting For an All-Star

Although the Jaguars are undoubtedly struggling this year, their fans are still very much dedicated to the team.

The NFL opened Pro Bowl voting on Tuesday, but the game is going to be played on Madden 21 this year. And especially this year, Pro Bowl voting is still important.

The Pro Bowl vote regularly impacts the contracts for players who get selected. Many player contracts include incentives based on appearances in the Pro Bowl. Most of those stipulations result in a bonus or salary boost.

Ngakoue is the perfect example of how teams formulate trades based on the Pro Bowl.

However, Ngakoue likely isn’t a Pro Bowler based on his play this year. The linebacker has only 15 tackles and five sacks for both the Minnesota Vikings and Baltimore Ravens.

That being said, fan voting for All-Star Games isn’t always a reflection of a player’s performance. This can happen often and has been seen in other sports, but rarely have fans made it happen in order to bolster their team’s draft status.

Regardless of whether or not Ngakoue is deserving of a Pro Bowl spot, the Jaguars can use all the help they can get.