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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Reportedly Call Off Engagement, But Say It’s Not Over

Photo credit: CHRIS DELMAS/AFP via Getty Images

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez’s relationship is going through a rocky time. But both reportedly are working to save it.

While previous reports claim the two officially called it quits. The latest from TMZ says that the two say it isn’t over between them. A rep for the couple told the outlet, “All the reports are inaccurate.  We are working through some things.” 

According to previous reports from Page Six, the couple had called off their engagement after two years of planning nuptials. That outlet reported that the couple split as well.

Recently, rumors spread that Rodriguez had cozied up with “Southern Charm” star Madison LeCroy. The two reportedly FaceTimed each other. But both Rodriguez and LeCroy’s representatives shot down this rumor as false.

Rodriguez’s camp said the former Yankee didn’t know LeCroy. Meanwhile, LeCroy offered a differing explanation that they spoke on the phone and were just acquaintances. Currently, Rodriguez and Lopez had been apart recently. Lopez is in the Dominican Republic filming a movie, ironically called “Shotgun Wedding.”

Meanwhile, Rodriguez has been at the couple’s home in Miami. The couple bought the estate together in Florida last summer for $40 million. In his latest social media post, Rodriguez also enjoyed some time alone on a yacht off the coast. He wrote, “Don’t mind me, just taking a sail-fie… What are your plans for the weekend?”

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez Last Time Together

Publicly, both Rodriguez and Lopez appeared together at President Joe Biden’s inauguration. Lopez was one of the musical guests for the event. The couple appeared happy at the time. It’s unclear what soured their relationship together. They had also tried to unsuccessfully purchase the New York Mets together.

Both Rodriguez and Lopez had planned to be married by now. But they decided to postpone their wedding due to the COVID-19 pandemic. So far, the couple had postponed the event twice with no reschedule date given prior to their break up.

“We had to cancel the wedding … because of COVID, because of the quarantine. And we actually did it twice, which people don’t know,” Lopez told the outlet in December. Later she said they were in no rush to marry. “It’ll happen when the time is right. I feel like it’s not a huge priority to go and have a big wedding right now, that’s not what life is about.”

It appears that the time never became right again for the two. Rodriguez and Lopez were together for four years prior to their breakup.