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Klitschko Brothers Speak Out About Russia-Ukraine War: ‘Fighting for Freedom’


The Klitschko Brothers might be the most intimidating set of siblings in the world. Right now, they’re trying to save Ukraine from the Russians. Both brothers are former world champion heavyweight boxers. Wladimir won an Olympic gold medal boxing for Ukraine. Vitali now is mayor of Kyiv, the largest city in Ukraine. And both brothers are fighting for their country, whether it’s taking up arms against the Russians or speaking to American audiences to drum up support for the cause.

The Klitschko Brothers appeared Sunday on Fox and Friends morning show.

“We need the help,” Vitali said, adding, “We need political pressure, we need them, their financial support.”

He continued: “we need the defensive weapon. We need any type of support in this very difficult situation. Because we are fighting right now, not just for our city, not just for our country, we are fighting right now for our principles, for our values.”

“We are ready to fight,” Vitali said. “We need support of our partners.” 


Russians Attacked Ukraine Military Base Near Poland

The situation for Ukraine is growing more perilous by the day. And what unfolded early Sunday also is getting closer to drawing other countries into the conflict.

The Russians, using more than two dozen missiles, attacked a military base in western Ukraine, killing 35 people and injuring 130 others. Here’s why this attack was particularly significant to countries like the United States. The military base — the International Center for Peacekeeping & Security — is 10 miles from the Ukraine border with Poland. And Poland is a member of NATO.

 Oleksii Reznikov, a Ukrainian foreign minister, tweeted “this is new terrorist attack on peace & security near the EU-NATO border. Action must be taken to stop this. Close the sky!”

The NATO alliance is funneling weapons to Ukraine using routes through Poland. And the assault came within hours after Moscow “warned” the United States and other countries that it would attack weapons convoys as “legitimate targets.”

So the Klitschko Brothers continue to promote the defense of their country. The two are some of the most famous sportsmen in their country’s history. They notched 40 career victories in title fights.

Vitali retired from boxing in 2013 and entered politics. He was elected mayor of Kyiv in 2014. Wladimir retired from the sport in 2015.

ODD ANDERSEN/AFP via Getty Images)

Klitschko Brothers Know They’re in Most Important Fight of Their Lives

It’s not hyperbole to say the Klitschko Brothers are in the middle of the most important fight of their lives.

“We are prepared for any type of fight,” Wladimir told Fox and Friends. “This is our home. Here are our children. We’re fighting for freedom and our choice to be a free country and be associated with the Western world of the European Union.”

Vitali emphasized that all Ukrainians, collectively, are standing up to Russia. More than 2.6 million women and children have evacuated from the country while men 60 and under stay to fight. It doesn’t matter whether you’re the mayor, a former heavyweight champion, a farmer, or a businessman. Everyone fights to keep their freedom.

“I see the people who never, ever have it idea to take the…military uniform,” Vitali said. “They were peaceful professions, doctors, actors, musicians, but…they change their uniform to military uniform.”