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LeBron James Says He’ll Celebrate NBA Championship at White House With Trump Gone

(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

LeBron James says his Lakers team will celebrate their championship in the White House — just after Donald Trump leaves. The Los Angeles superstar took to Twitter to celebrate Joe Biden beating Trump in the election when the subject came up from fellow NBA star Draymond Green.

The hatred between Trump and James has been no secret. The two frequently attacked each other on Twitter or in the press. Ironically, their beef began over an invitation to celebrate a championship at the White House.

James famously called Trump a “bum” in 2017 after the president rescinded an offer to the then NBA champs Golden State Warriors to visit the White House, CBS Sports reported. But the team’s point guard Steph Curry had already said he didn’t want to go.

That has sparked a nearly four-year cold war between the two. James said recently he had given up the feud and wasn’t going to go back and forth with the president.

LeBron James Is Enjoying This Moment

Once the election was finally called for Biden Saturday afternoon, LeBron James spent a lot of time on Twitter soaking up the moment. He’d worked hard to register young black voters and get them to the polls with his More Than A Vote campaign. And he was hopeful for how the apparatus he’d built could be used in other races or in other contexts.

Moreover, he’d even come out and backed Biden and Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris just before the election. Though, his endorsement did come after fans at a Pennsylvania Trump rally serenaded the president with chants of “LeBron James Sucks.

So, James decided to have fun on Twitter Saturday.

And there was plenty more being uploaded frequently to his 48 million followers.