LeBron James Freaks Out Over DeAndre Hopkins’ Insane Game-Winning Hail Mary Reception

Lebron James may be an NBA star, but he’s celebrating the skills and accomplishment of NFL wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins. Hopkins, who plays for the Arizona Cardinals, made an insane game-winning catch against the Buffalo Bills.

The NBA legend is giving credit where credit is due and cheered for Hopkins in a Twitter post. The Lakers player appeared a bit shocked by the crazy NFL play, based on his reaction.

He wrote, “WOW WOW WOW!! HOP HOP HOP! @DeAndreHopkins My bro different!!”

DeAndre Hopkins Made His Catch with Second to Spare

James wasn’t the only one stunned by Hopkins’ play. Fox Sports’ Michael Strahan questioned if the Houston Texans regretted trading Hopkins to the Cardinals after seeing the play. The Texans made the trade before the beginning of the 2020 season. Many criticized the team for letting go of its star talent.

Now Strahan is asking, “How do you trade him?”

The play came at the end of the fourth quarter in a buzzer-beater that’s more common in James’ sport. The Cardinals were down by just four points after the Bills scored with 30 seconds left in the game. With very little time left on their side, the Cardinals rallied with a last-ditch effort to win the game.

Quarterback Kyler Murray completed several key passes to players to get the team to the Bills’ 43-yard line. He completed a 14-yard pass to Andy Isabella, a nine-yard pass to Hopkins and another nine-yard pass to Larry Fitzgerald. With only seconds left in the game, Murray dropped back for a hail mary.

Fortunately for both Murray and the Cardinals, Hopkins managed to catch the ball in the end zone. The wide-receiver beat out three Bill’s players surrounding him for the catch that sent fans cheering. The Cardinals beat the Bills 32-30.