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LeBron James Reacts to Joe Biden Winning Election With 2016 NBA Finals Meme

(Photo by Carsten Koall/picture alliance via Getty Images)

LeBron James is continuing to share his opinion on Twitter about the presidential election.

The NBA star has said everything he needs to say, without saying anything at all. This time he’s just sharing memes. Posted mid-morning on Saturday, LeBron James shares a doctored photo of two basketball players, one happens to be James, with faces of each presidential candidate.

James also Tweets with a GIF of himself. The looped-video is of James smoking a cigar after winning the 2016 championship. The caption’s at the Twitter account, “More Than a Vote.”

James is a big supporter of More Than a Vote. The entity encourages black voters to get out and vote. The website has different resources listed to help make a plan and is supported by many big-name athletes and celebrities.

Responses to LeBron James’ Tweets

Furthermore, some LeBron James fans are keeping up with his Tweets. And then you have those that aren’t a fan of the message that the basketball player is sending.

James Endorses Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

It might seem like LeBron James might’ve endorsed the Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden and running mate, Kamala Harris early on in the race. However, that’s not the case. The MVP did not officially endorse the candidates until Election Day.

It wasn’t surprising who the basketball player endorsed. He’s been vocal about his dislike for Trump over the years. In addition, he even bowed out of visiting the White House after winning his latest championship.

James shares this Tweet on Saturday, as well, after being prompted by Golden State Warriors member Draymond Green.

Green stars the thread by saying, “Yoooo @KingJames y’all can go to the White House and celebrate y’all title G!”

James follows up with, “YO we back up in there my G!!! I’m taking my tequila and vino too!”

From the looks of it, James is excited to head back to the White House. As a matter of fact, he’s even bringing refreshments.