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Marshawn Lynch Talks About Eating Skittles After Scoring Touchdowns, Calls Them His ‘Power Pellets’

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

In the season 2 debut episode of Peyton Manning’s ESPN+ show, “Peyton’s Places,” the mysterious Marshawn Lynch talked more than in all the post-game interviews in his career combined. The “Beast Mode” running back talked to Peyton Manning about iconic moments in his career. These included his golf cart ghost-ride at Cal, his earthquake inducing run against New Orleans, and his “Power Pellets.”

These “Power Pellets” as Marshawn Lynch calls them are the Skittles that his mother started giving him as a child. According to Lynch, he got an upset stomach only curable with candy. “It wasn’t Skittles at first, it was any kind of candy,” Lynch said to Peyton. “My stomach used to get upset, and if I ate some candy, my stomach would settle. So it was either I’d eat some candy or I’d be on the sideline throwing up.”

Lynch’s “Power Pellets” became a staple on the Seattle Seahawks sidelines. Every game would feature a shot of Lynch digging into his bag of Skittles, whether after a touchdown or after the game. They became just another part of the eccentric personality that is Marshawn Lynch. Along with his funny post-game interviews and his patented “Beast Mode” company, the “Power Pellets” help to make up his legacy.

Marshawn Lynch Pregame Ritual

In the same interview, Marshawn Lynch revealed another interesting aspect of his game. Peyton shared that his superstitions included reading the program front to back so that he “knew where every accountant for the Colts went to college.” Lynch then admitted that he needed “a shot or a shot and a half before every game.”

A shot and a half of what you might ask? Marshawn Lynch would be offended at the question. He claimed that he needed a shot and a half of Hennessy before every game to make him play better.