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Michael Strahan Previews a Story He’s ‘Never Told Publicly’ in Video for ESPN Special

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There’s a lot that the world of football just can’t seem to get right this year. Between boring them to death with Ed Sheeran’s performance for kick-off and then dousing them in sewage, it’s been a little rough. Even Eli Manning faced a hilarious blunder, but he took it head-on like a champ. It looks like the torch is handed off to Mr. Michael Strahan now to get us back on track for a year of tailgates, bonfires, and football.

Strahan is partnering up with ESPN for a new special. Headed by the athlete empowerment brand, Uninterrupted, the special is titled “More Than an Athlete.” What’s more, it details a story he’s “never told publicly” before.

Michael Strahan Revisits College

Michael Strahan is one of the pros, and he has the resume to back him up on that one. Some may say he retired at the height of his career. The transition came after defeating the previously undefeated New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII.

However, he continues to find success long after being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He did a brief stint in the world of sitcoms, but seems to have really found his niche in the world of news and broadcasting. His latest project, “More Than an Athlete” is a nice look back at the events that led him to where he is today.

Michael Strahan says his story “wasn’t as easy as it may look.” Moreover, his biggest life lessons came from learning about culture, struggle, and loneliness. He mentions being scared for college in the newest teaser preview for the series. As a kid from Germany, he didn’t know if he could make it. Still, his support system says they never had a doubt. “You’re a Strahan!” they exclaim.

You can check out the preview here:

The series promises new episodes every Thursday.

What Else is On the Agenda for Strahan?

Michael Strahan is seemingly constantly juggling multiple projects simultaneously. On top of the special mentioned above, Strahan finds himself in the game show scene, too. He recently partnered up with Michael Cantone for “The Pyramid” and the results are hilarious. Strahan developed a reputation for being quite the goof over the years. A highlights reel making its rounds on Twitter really goes to show that.

The clips come from co-host Michael Cantone and show the pair sharing laughs while filming. They joke about Strahan’s previous football career and Cantone even has a special cocktail recipe for him.

If you want some laughs this morning, this is probably the best thing you’ll see all day: