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NASCAR: Chase Elliott Reveals Greatest Advice His Father Bill Ever Gave Him

Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images

Chase Elliott has learned a lot from his dad Bill, a NASCAR Hall of Famer who has won the NASCAR Cup Series over 40 times and won the Cup title in 1988.

Elliott has been preparing for his first NASCAR Cup Series championship in Phoenix on Nov. 8. In the meantime, he’s sharing some words of wisdom from his dad, Fox News reports. 

“The big thing from talking to dad that I feel like he’s kind of mentioned is just enjoy these moments because these aren’t things you can take for granted,” Elliott said. “You don’t know when your last race win is, you don’t know what tomorrow brings.”

Elliott’s full name is William Clyde Elliott II, after his father. He is carrying on a family racing tradition. Two of his uncles are also involved in racing.

 But there was no pressure for Elliott to become a racecar driver. His father told Sports Illustrated this month that he stressed to his son the importance of following his own path.

“I told him early on, ‘If you want to race, race. If you don’t want to race, don’t race,’” the elder Elliott said. “Don’t do it on my account. If that’s what you really truly want to do, do it.”

For now, win or lose, Elliott is just enjoying the ride.

“Nothing’s guaranteed, right?” Elliott told Fox. “So, I think just enjoying these moments, trying to embrace them, especially after a race like Sunday, you wish you could just slow down time and enjoy that moment and make it last a little longer.” 

“I feel like that’s where I’m at right now,” he added. “Just not taking the situation for granted, knowing that it’s not an easy thing, it’s not something that comes every day, and to try to make the most of a great opportunity.”