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NASCAR Driver Joey Logano Comments on Chase Elliott and Kevin Harvick Feud

(Photo by Brian Lawdermilk/Getty Images)

As NASCAR drivers Chase Elliott and Kevin Harvick continue to lash out at one another on and off the racetrack, fellow driver Joey Logano recently weighed in on their ongoing feud.

The bad blood between the two racers dates back to last month’s Bass Pro Shops Night Race at Bristol. The pair had an intense altercation on the track that spilled over onto pit road. As the race neared its end, Elliott and Harvick jockeyed for position at the front of the pack. Additionally, Kyle Larson trailed just behind the two NASCAR drivers.

While fighting for the lead, Harvick’s car rammed into the left side of Elliott’s car. That gave last year’s Cup Series champion a flat tire, which essentially took him out of the race with no shot to win. As Elliott took a pit stop, he waited for Harvick’s No. 4 car. Since Elliott’s teammate Kyle Larson was challenging Harvick for first place, Elliott blocked Harvick on the pit road so Larson could take the victory. Predictably, Harvick flipped out and Elliott responded in kind as the two men got in each other’s faces.

Following their public spat, Harvick called Elliott blocking him a “chicken s–t move.” In return, Elliott claimed that Harvick frequently runs into drivers on purpose and said he finally had to do something about it.

NASCAR Driver Joey Logano Calls Elliott-Harvick Feud ‘Humorous’

As the NASCAR Cup Series returns to Talladega Superspeedway on Sunday, Harvick and Elliott’s feud continues. Joey Logano recently addressed the ongoing feud and admits that similar altercations have cost him in past races. He acknowledges the frustration from both drivers, and understands the severity of possible consequences of their feud. However, he also called their ongoing feud “humorous” and said it’s “pretty entertaining.”

“As far as the whole Chase and Harvick thing, I am not a horse in this race. So I can be out of that one,” Logano said. “I can see both sides of the story, though. If there’s one thing I think we all can probably agree on watching it back is that I’d be mad on either side of it.”

Logano went on to say that the two NASCAR racers have to be careful. He thinks their feud could end up costing one of the drivers, if not both, their playoff chances.

“I’d be nervous. I’d be maybe a little nervous about the situation, you know, depending on who goes on to the next round or not. It could really affect how things go,” Logano shared.

“I was surprised, I’ll tell you that much, I was surprised hearing the comments. I thought they were humorous, though… pretty entertaining for us,” he added.

“Games are played every day, I believe so… I believe when you’re out there racing for a win, it’s a battle from every standpoint. Whether it’s on track or off track, I believe sometimes it’s a battle. And that ratchets up,” Logano said.