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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Reveals Screwdriver Recipe His Dad ‘Used to Drink’

Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

Do you know what the drink of choice was for Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s dad? Turns out the NASCAR legend drank screwdrivers with Five Alive in it.

That’s right, Outsiders — if you ever wanted to drink Dale Earnhardt Sr.’s signature screwdriver, then you’re in luck. Dale Earnhardt Jr. is showing everyone how to make his beloved dad’s favorite drink. All you need is some vodka and instead of orange juice, Five Alive. Earnhardt Jr. says that’s all his dad ever used in his screwdrivers.

Five Alive, of course, is a line of fruit juice blends that were created by Minute Maid back in the late 1970s. Now, we’ve never tried a Five Alive screwdriver for ourselves, but if Dale Earnhardt Sr. says it’s the best, then who are we to argue? It must be the best.

Dale Jr. took to Instagram on Thursday to show all of his fans and followers how they, too, can make his legendary dad’s favorite drink. Meanwhile, the entire time he’s bartending for himself, he’s jamming out to Eric Church’s hit song, “Drink In My Hand.” Check it out down below:

“This is a screwdriver that my dad used to drink,” Earnhardt Jr. captioned the video. “Had to be five alive and it’s hard to find these days. Not bad pops.”

As Earnhardt Jr. mentions in his caption, Five Alive is pretty hard to find nowadays. As a matter of fact, by the 1990s, the popular beverages were no longer being produced for the U.S. market. With that said, Five Alive still has some limited production in Canada. There’s no telling just how Dale Jr. was able to get his hands on some, be you can bet that he’s sure glad that he did.

High Rock Vodka Makes the Perfect Screwdrivers

Okay, Outsiders, so you were able to get your hands on some Five Alive. Do you know what vodka would be perfect to use in Dale Earnhardt’s signature drink? How about High Rock Vodka, his son’s latest project.

As you can clearly see in Earnhardt Jr.’s Instagram video, he uses his own brand when making his dad’s screwdriver. Dale Jr. and his wife Amy recently launched High Rock Vodka and it’s expected to be released to the public sometime in April. They explained how smooth it is last month in an interview with PopCulture.

“Everyone around us just says that it’s really smooth,” Earnhardt Jr.’s wife told the outlet. “We’ve encouraged everyone that we’ve given a bottle to try it without any mixers first. I know that’s not something you typically do with vodka, but everyone has obliged and responded with how smooth it is. So it’s seven times filtered, it’s clean, it’s a high-quality product. So far everyone that we have shared it with agrees.”

Sounds to us like High Rock Vodka and Five Alive combine to make the perfect screwdriver.