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NASCAR: Fans Voice Their Frustration with Daytona 500 TV Coverage

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With one of NASCAR’s biggest races underway in Florida for the Daytona 500, fans everywhere are flocking to their TV screens for all the greatest coverage. However, that’s proving to be a bit of a challenge. After posting some action via social media, fans were quick to respond about the many commercial breaks being shown throughout the coverage.

In a post on Twitter, the NASCAR official account shared some replay action of Chase Briscoe sliding around the curve as smoke billows from his vehicle. The scene is definitely dramatic. But fans were less focused on the incident than they were on all the breaks the program is taking.

Responding to the tweet, several unhappy fans expressed their frustrations.

“Thanks for going straight back to commercials after showing us a replay of the caution. This is excellent coverage guys!!” one person writes.

Another person got a little snarky with their remarks saying, “Hey why are these race cars interrupting my commercials?”

This fan just straight up called out the organization for the TV coverage: “The tv coverage is just beyond terrible,” the person writes.

More viewers joined in, claiming this particular moment happened during one of the many breaks. They write, “I wouldn’t know I was watching a commercial instead.”

It seems that all the advertisements in between the actual coverage has fans irate. Several others commented that the Fox Network is to blame for all the interruptions.

NASCAR President Bans Confederate Flags for This Year’s Race

And while plenty of people watch the Super Bowl for their million-dollar commercials, NASCAR fans are less than thrilled about the ads.

Another issue fans might not be so thrilled about is NASCAR President Steve Phelps’ decision to ban Confederate flags at the big race. He recently spoke about his decision and why he opted to make the call in an exclusive interview with Outsider’s Marty Smith on “The Marty Smith Podcast.”

“I think the most difficult decision was banning the Confederate flag. I think for some people they’re like, ‘Well you’re just turning your back on your roots, that’s what you’re doing.’ Which is not a true statement,” Phelps said. “Because most of the fans here… I mean, Marty you’ve been here. Were there some Confederate flags? There were, right? And when you saw the Confederate flag, it said to some people, ‘I’m not welcome here.’”

He went on to add:

“So we needed to make a determination whether we were going to appeal to a much larger fanbase, or not. And, so the decision was made… [my team] said this is the right thing to do for our sport, at this moment in time.”