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NASCAR Figure Michael Waltrip Opens Pop-Up Bar in Nashville Ahead of Ally 400

(Photo by Dan Trobaugh/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

NASCAR in Nashville is going to be one giant party, and Michael Waltrip is going to help make that possible with his pop-up bar. The NASCAR figure is planning on having his brewery open up in Music City for a limited time. It’s going to be up and running just in time for the Ally 400 weekend coming up. So, if you’re going to be in town on Thursday for the Outsider party at Losers Bar and Grill, maybe on Friday night you can head down to Waltrip’s place when it opens.

Michael Waltrip Brewing Company has its eyes set on 920 Broadway and it opens Friday, June 24. That will be a great place to check out a lot of NASCAR action for the weekend, you can be sure of that. Even if you can’t make it for this weekend, the bar is going to remain open until July 9.

So, what are you going to get at Waltrip’s temporary hangout spot? well, you can expect all of his company’s main brands and beers. The brewery has a selection of craft beers that includes Blonde Ale, Vamanos Mexican Lager, and Checkered Past Coconut IPA. There will be other beers to choose from as well. All the beer comes from the company’s Bristol brewery location.

“Sharing our beer in Music City is a dream come true for me. I grew up watching my brother win races at the Fairgrounds,” Waltrip said. “I’ve even won there myself! So if your passion is country music, NASCAR or you live just down the street or even all three, I look forward to drinking a beer with you on Broadway.”

You heard him, Outsiders, if you like country music, NASCAR, Nashville, or if you live in Music City – you’re invited.

Michael Waltrip is Sticking Around for More Than NASCAR in Music City

Now, Michael Waltrip could have just opened up his sot and closed it after the weekend of NASCAR fun. However, he decided to stick it out until at least July 9. With that in mind, why would he do something like that? Well, Michael Waltrip is a fan of all things motorsports. He plans on staying around and keeping the bar open until the SRX series comes through town at the Nashville Fairgrounds Speedway.

Waltrip is a fan of racing no matter what it is. If it’s got wheels, a loud engine, and some zip to it, he wants to watch it. While he isn’t driving anymore, he remains an ambassador of the sport and the pop0-up bar will be a cool time to hang around fans and enjoy a great weekend of racing.

So, if you’ve got nothing to do this weekend in Nashville, as if, then just head on down to the pop-up and you should find yourself a few friends, like Michael Waltrip.