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‘NASCAR’: How Kyle Busch Prepared to Miss Darlington Race for the Birth of His Child

(Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images)

There might be some other things besides NASCAR that Kyle Busch is concerned about today as he prepares for a new child. He and his wife have turned towards a surrogate and are expecting a new baby girl any day now. Kyle and Samantha have been waiting for this moment ever since they announced it last fall. Just to make sure he wouldn’t miss the birth, he was ready to ditch Darlington in a hurry.

While on baby watch, Joe Gibbs Racing has enlisted the help of Trevor Bayne as a backup. In case that call came through, everyone involved was ready to get into the action.

Kyle Busch is racing today, so it appears the new child is going to wait for a little before coming into the world.

“No, I did not have a choice in that decision,” Busch said about the situation. “I have spoken to him, we have talked a couple of times over the phone. And also here today, he’s been listening in, and when I got out of the car, just giving him all the information I could about what I was feeling in the car so he’d be more prepared in the instance we need him.”

While a surrogate has made things a little different, it hasn’t changed the fact that Kyle and Samantha Busch want to be there when their child is born. And, the two-time Cup Series champion looks to have his head on straight about his priorities. Races come and go, but the birth of a child is rare.

“I think it’s always a hard decision,” he said about potentially leaving. “I think you can live down missing a race but you’ll never live down not being there for the birth of your kid.”

Kyle Busch Hopes to Win a Race Ahead of Birth of New Child

Of course, with Kyle Busch gearing up to race today, it seems that the birth is going to wait for another day. Bayne, who drives part-time in the Xfinity Series now for JGR, won’t get behind the wheel. Which would have been very interesting to see. The former No. 6 driver is the youngest to ever win the Daytona 500, and while he is out of the sport, for the most part, he isn’t ready to give up it seems.

Darlington is such a hard track, but the throwbacks make it fun. You don’t earn two terrifying nicknames like The Lady in Black or the Track Too Tough to Tame for no reason. Tires are going to get burnt up, pit stops will be frequent, and cars will spin out. That’s the nature of the sport and the nature of this track in particular.

Some drivers have had struggles like Chase Elliott and Denny Hamlin. However, a new week is a new chance to get out there and get a checkered flag or a top-5 finish.