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NASCAR Icon Dale Earnhardt Jr. Tries to Ease Tensions After COTA

(Photo by Jeff Robinson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Dale Earnhardt Jr. may be retired now, but the racing legend is continuing to move the sport in the right direction. Sometimes, though, that means trying to ease the tension in the room following a wild ending at COTA on Sunday.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Lightens Mood Over COTA

This week, Dale took to his personal Twitter account to lighten the mood about what’s going on in regards to drivers doing whatever it takes to nab that checkered flag on Sundays in 2022. It is a point of heavy contention in the sport right now. As seen below with Corey LaJoie and Parker Kligerman, a lot of NASCAR drivers are frustrated at the moment. However, Dale Jr. jumped in the replies and hilariously said, “I got a text from GrubHub asking how my dinner was. I don’t even have an account.”

Dale Earnhardt Jr. may not be racing anymore, but he continues to make us laugh and keep things light.

Ross Chastain And COTA

A lot of folks have differing opinions as to what happened on Sunday afternoon at COTA. Chastain took home the checkered flag in his first NASCAR Cup Series victory in his career. It was a fantastic moment for him and his team to finally pull through after three weeks of finishing in the top-5 consecutively.

However, how it all ended with Chastain, AJ Allmendinger and Alex Bowman sparked debate. AJ spun out from contact with both Chastain and Bowman and finished 33rd on the afternoon. Chastain and Bowman both stayed the course and finished strong.

He spoke to The Athletic about this very thing and said, “Well, that was the question. I answered the question. (Laughs). Every situation is different. Usually, if I realize I’ve lost because of contact, then it’s instant anger. That’s human nature. But it’s usually right after that incident where the next incident is realizing, “OK, I probably deserved it.” I received what I gave, and I’m fine with it.”

His perspective is a measured one. He knows it’s human nature to get fired up. It’s a competitive sport.

He concluded, “I don’t get on the radio and yell and scream and say “I need them to move out of the way” or anything. Or “Why did he do that?” I love it when drivers say, “Tell his spotter…” Like, come on. We’re better than that. Just handle it yourself. And that’s probably come from the times when I wasn’t racing as much and just watching. I’d just try to watch and listen to guys’ radios. I would handle it at some point. But not in celebration.”

Check out Richmond on Sunday to see if Chastain can go back-to-back in the NASCAR Cup Series and snag another checkered flag.