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NASCAR: Kyle Busch Trolls Himself, Saying He ‘Backed Into’ Win at Bristol

(Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

On Sunday night, following their huge win at Bristol Motor Speedway, driver Kyle Busch posted a video to social media of his team’s post-race celebration on victory lane. In the clip, he thanks everyone involved with the win, including his fans, but he also aimed an amusing quip at himself when he said he “backed into” the victory.

In this case, Busch sort of did back into victory lane while in the final lap on Sunday. The NASCAR Cup Series returned to Bristol yesterday for another dirt race on the famous Tennessee short track. Weather conditions were poor to say the least, which led to two delays and almost halted the race altogether. The muddy conditions had cars sliding all over the track. Yet after the Stage 3 weather delay, the race started back up with only 20 laps to go.

Coming into the final lap, Kyle Busch trailed only Chase Briscoe and Tyler Reddick as he held onto third place. It looked like things would stay that way until Briscoe cut inside of Reddick on the last turn. Briscoe’s No. 14 car lost grip on the muddy track and slammed into Reddick’s No. 8 car. The two cars would tumble down and off the track clearing the lane for Busch to stroll past the finish line for an easy win in the final seconds of the race.

It took plenty of grit to stay up front with the leaders of the pack throughout the race. Yet in his post-race message, Kyle Busch knew the No. 18 car won because of a stroke of luck at the end.

“Hey guys, look it! We’re in victory lane adding another to the Bristol trophy case,” Kyle Busch said as he filmed himself. “What do you know? Wow, we backed into that one.”

Kyle Busch’s ‘Backed Into’ Bristol Victory Comments Explained

If you blinked you might’ve missed the quick reference in his victory message. For NASCAR fans who didn’t realize what Kyle Busch meant by saying he “backed into” the win at Bristol, we’ve got you covered.

Busch is no stranger to controversy on and off the track. He’s one of the sports’ most vocal personalities at times, so he has no issue calling out other drivers when he sees it fit. Back in March, the Cup Series raced at Las Vegas Motor Speedway where driver Alex Bowman took the checkered flag. However, Busch had a bone to pick with the victor.

After the No. 48 car crossed the finish line, Busch was caught ranting over Bowman’s lucky finish. In fact, according to Kyle Busch, every win Bowman has ever had came with some luck. Or as Busch said, Bowman “backs into” every win he’s ever earned.

“The same f***ing guy who backs into every f***ing win that he ever f***ing gets backed into another f***ing win. Bulls**t!” Kyle Busch said in a clip that quickly made the rounds online afterward.

The expletive-filled rant made its way back to Bowman shortly after who made light of Busch’s quote. The driver jokingly said it should become the next Hendrick Motorsports t-shirt. Now, a month later, Kyle Busch referenced the “backed into” quote once again. Yet this time, he trolled himself with it since he knew his Bristol win was a bit of a freebie. At least he doesn’t take himself too seriously and doesn’t mind being the butt of his own joke this time around. Fair play to Mr. Busch.