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NASCAR’s Kyle Larson Talks Racing on Dirt Tracks: ‘Feel Like We’re Just Wasting Everybody’s Time’

(Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images)

When it comes to this weekend’s NASCAR races on the dirt in Bristol, Kyle Larson isn’t sure it is worth doing in its current state. Even for a guy like Larson, who has reached the heights of the sprint car and midget racing on the dirt, it just isn’t appealing. He isn’t the only driver that feels that way, either.

While there are some objections to the race, it isn’t that these drivers don’t want to do something fun and interesting. Ultimately, the dirt race is a service to fans. Putting out a product that is fun and exciting to watch. Where the issues arise, at least for the defending Cup Series champion, is the windshields. NASCAR won’t take them out and replace them with something better suited for the race.

“I guess the way that I look at it [is] if we’re not going to take the windshields out, then why are we racing on dirt?” the driver questioned while on SiriusXM’s Dialed In. “We just shouldn’t race on dirt if we’re not going to take the windshields out and actually have a dirt race with moisture in the track and being able to produce a real dirt race. I feel like we’re just wasting everybody’s time a little bit and not giving the fans and competitors what we all deserve.”

And, really, NASCAR wouldn’t put dirt on Bristol, to begin with, if Kyle Larson decided.

“So in my opinion,” the driver continued. “If we’re not going to take the windshields out, we might as well just never put dirt on Bristol again – which I’m all for not putting dirt on Bristol whether we have windshields or not. I think the racing at Bristol is amazing just as normal.”

What do you think Outsiders? Dirt at Bristol, yea, or nay?

NASCAR Cup Champ Kyle Larson Struggling This Season

For a driver that dominated in the way that Kyle Larson did in NASCAR last year, this season has been a little underwhelming so far. When you look at Larson’s standing in the series, he has 201 points. He’s tied with Austin Cindric but has two more top-5 finishes. At 13th, this is not where Larson likely pictured himself.

Last week in Martinsville, he finished 19th. Two weeks ago, at COTA, he finished 29th. Before that, in Atlanta, he was a DNF, the same result as Phoenix the week before that. So, what it comes down to is keeping the No. 5 Chevy on the track. He has a couple of DNF finishes and some very poor finishes on top of that. Some of that has been due to the new car, and some of that is just racing.

While it doesn’t seem like it, due to how he feels about the race, Larson might have a turnaround at Bristol. He is a great dirt driver and will try to use all of the experience he has to get a good result this weekend.