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NASCAR: Ross Chastain Says ‘It’s a Dream Come True’ After Las Vegas

(Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images)

Ross Chastain had himself quite the race last Sunday in Las Vegas. While a lot of NASCAR fans may not be familiar with Chastain yet, his third-place finish, along with leading the most laps on Sunday in the Pennzoil 400 put him on the radar for a lot of folks around the country. Chastain finished just behind Kyle Larson and Alex Bowman, two Hendrick Motorsports teammates, in what was a thrilling race down the stretch. Even though he was not able to take home the checkered flag, Ross Chastain said “it’s a dream come true” after Las Vegas.

He added, “This is what all the work is for. This is why we train and try to build our whole lives and careers, to have race cars like that. … I couldn’t be more proud of Trackhouse.” It wasn’t just about finishing first for Chastain and the team. It was about showing the team could compete and Chastain built off what Daniel Suarez did the previous week.

Ross Chastain on Trackhouse Racing Following Race In Las Vegas

Chastain smiled a lot on Sunday afternoon. He said, “It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen to where what Justin has brought in and the mentality in the shop.” He’s pumped up about where the team is and where the team could go. The NASCAR young star added, “And now, fast race cars help that, but it all started back with the testing and assembling these cars, and pushing Chevrolet and the new regime of Chevrolet and how well we are working together. It’s the people, that’s the biggest thing.”

Future of Trackhouse Racing

He gave credit to everyone involved. Part of the growing optimism with Trackhouse Racing is the teamwork involved. Chastain continued, “And it’s the same people, so I don’t know if this makes sense, but I’m telling you, there’s a change in the culture here and how Justin has infused this building and motivated people is different. And I’ve never seen a shift in attitude like I have this year. Like I said, fast cars definitely help that, but it’s been a game-changer.”

It’s a cultural shift for Trackhouse Racing. Chastain sees it. He’s excited about it. He acknowledges it helps when the cars are moving fast, but he’s elated about where they’re going. Chastain added, “We are no underdog.” He concluded, “[Trackhouse Racing doesn’t] have the legacy of winning and it’s a big deal right now. We win a stage, and we’re proud of that. I think the plan is, and the preparation we’re putting in, is to get to a point where that’s just, yep, OK, we won another stage but did we win the race?”

Only time will tell how high Trackhouse Racing can fly. However, the vibes are good with Chastain and company.