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NASCAR: Sage Karam Calls Out Noah Gragson After Xfinity Series Pileup

(Photo by Logan Riely/Getty Images)

NASCAR drama, folks. It’s always worth watching. After a big Xfinity Series pileup, Sage Karam had words for Noah Gragson. The 45 of Karam and the 9 of Gragson ended up getting into one another, but that’s not exactly the whole story. This one might have been the result of some road rage on the part of Gragson. But, let’s check out the video.

A little contact between the two early leads to a massive pileup. The dust cloud made things especially dangerous, as multiple drivers were shook up afterward.

You just hate to see a NASCAR track become a demolition derby. Even with all the science and safety precautions that go into these Next Gen cars – folks can still get hurt.

Sage Karam was not happy with Noah Gragson after the fact.

“I think Noah just got confused, and thought we were in a corner but we were actually on a straight line,” Karam said sarcastically. He noted how lucky they were to come away with no injuries after the wreck.

“I’ve never been turned into on a straight line like that in car racing ever in my life. and he just flat out turned to the right out of pure frustration.”

He summed up his feelings as he went on. ” “I’ve seen that with him and he walks around like he’s the big man on campus and everything, and then he does stuff like that. Just not a good role model, he is. … I think a lot of people have already spoke to Noah, I don’t think Noah’s going to change.”

Noah Gragson ended up finishing 8th for his 11th top-10 finish of the season. Ty Gibbs took the checkered flag ahead of Cup Series champ Kyle Larson.

Noah Gragson Gets Harsh Words from Karam, Responds After Race

After the race was over, Noah Gragson didn’t seem phased at all by the incident. He remarked that he had been bumped a few times by the same car over and over again. He had finally had enough it appears. So, the No. 9 let his frustration boil over.

Here’s his interview after the race.

“I guess he [Karam] forgot the three times he would throw it off in a corner, door us, and run us off the race track. Eventually you get sick and tired of it. .. I mean, three times is a bit ridiculous just today, not including the past. I take responsibility, hate it for his guys.

“Really over getting run over,” Gragson said before thanking his sponsors and talking a bit of strategy.

As far as any remaining “beef” Gragson says, “It’s over to me.”

Something tells me that Noah Gragson and Sage Karam are not going to just let this end in Wisconsin. Karam doesn’t get to many Xfinity races, but when he does, watch for him to compete with those guys once again.