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NASCAR: This New Spoiler Cam Angle Puts Fans in the Middle of the Action

(Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

NASCAR has brought a lot of new things around this season and the newest is the spoiler cam angle they are giving fans. So, we will be seeing some of this in tomorrow’s action in Atlanta. The new cameras give us a look at the track like we haven’t seen before. A little side-by-side, over-the-shoulder view… I love it.

These unique camera placements are great. Fans like them, and they give the commentary team something else to talk about. Anything that puts the fan view closer to the track and closer to the action is what NASCAR needs. There have been a lot of new additions this year. From the Next Gen cars, the repaved track coming up at Atlanta, and this new camera.

Shout out to Fox Sports for getting it done with the new camera.

Kurt Busch appears to have been given the chance to test out the camera today on the track. It is placed in an inconspicuous spot and will hopefully not cause any issues. There will be a lot going on down on the track with the new banked turns and narrowed lanes. So, only right that this new angle comes out at what might be one of the most exciting races of the season.

While the camera is nice, what will really be great to see is how these drivers react to the changes. Producing superspeedway conditions on a track that is just 1.5 miles long? That’s going to mean some creative driving and probably some issues with wrecks. However, that remains to be seen.

Just because a few drivers say it will likely happen doesn’t mean it will… right? Some of the faster drivers from the practice rounds seem to think crashes are coming up.

Will New NASCAR Spoiler Cam Catch Dicey Action on Track?

So, Atlanta will be the first time these new cameras are likely used in a race. Are we going to see them catch some nasty collisions tomorrow? After practice, some drivers talked to the media about the new track. One of the drivers that talked about the new feel of Atlanta was Ricky Stenhouse Jr. He also had the fastest lap in practice.

The driver admitted that it was, “kind of chaotic. I think some of the drivers are going to be worn out come Sunday with just how intense and on top of the car you have to be. But I think one mistake, you’re going to wipe out the whole field if it’s at the front. It’ll be kind of crazy to watch this.”

Meanwhile, Kyle Busch had similar feelings. “As far as if everybody is going to like it, I guess we will see how many cars finish.”

So, it sounds like a great day of NASCAR with new spoiler cams, a new track, and hopefully, some great racing.