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NASCAR: Watch Gary LeVox Crush the National Anthem at Bristol Motor Speedway

(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for K-LOVE Fan Awards)

If you are going to have a big Easter Sunday with NASCAR then you gotta go all out like Gary Levox did during the anthem today. The former Rascal Flatts singer was in Bristol for the big day. With the Cup Series race falling on this special Sunday, the folks at NASCAR put together a day of festivities. That includes entertainers and others like Levox.

Even though his Rascal Flatts days are done, and he’s going solo nowadays, Gary Levox’s vocal chops are still as strong as ever. His anthem was the culmination of a big day of Easter celebration, worship, the usual race day events and activities, and more. It looks like everyone in the crowd, and down on the track appreciated the spirited performance. Check out the video below to see Levox perform yourself.

Earlier in the day, Levox joined Grammy-winning worship leader Chris Tomlin and pastor Max Lucado. They were each part of the worship service that NASCAR provided for those that wanted to be at the track and attend Easter festivities. A service was also held prerace by Lucado. Then, that was all topped off by Levox sending us into the start of the race with the national anthem. How about that?

NASCAR planned this day out piece by piece. Knowing that there would be commotion around having a race on Easter. However, it looks like they were able to make this an event that all could attend, those observing the holiday religiously and those that were looking for a fun day out at the track.

All of those folks in those nice clean clothes … once that dust gets flying and the dirt is getting kicked up, they won’t be so clean anymore. I think everyone is just hoping to see some great racing.

Gary Levox Sings the Anthem Ahead of Highly-Anticipated NASCAR Bristol Dirt Race

The Bristol dirt race is fun. Point blank, simple. There’s nothing like it in the Cup Series and despite what some drivers feel about the race, fans love it. Watching it on TV, from the stands, wherever. Seeing those tail-ends kick out on the turns, and those cars speed down the straights gets the blood pumping.

Kyle Larson is a driver that would like to see some changes made to the dirt race. However, with the pedigree he has on dirt, he won’t be complaining when he’s racing up front Sunday night. With the wonderful anthem from Gary Levox, NASCAR got things started right. Down on the track, the action is getting underway and those windshields are starting to get dirty.

There is so much unknown about the dirt race. Anything could happen, one big wreck can seriously take out an entire field. So, it will be very interesting to see where things end up when the checkered flag starts to wave at the end of the night.