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New England Patriots Shout Out Tom Brady, Roast Rob Gronkowski After Super Bowl LV Victory

(Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski took home the Super Bowl dressed in red and white this year. There wasn’t any New England Patriots blue to be found on their uniform.

Hearts began shattering in New England as fans watched their favorite quarterback and tight end win a Super Bowl without them. Despite this, the New England Patriots Twitter account paid them homage in a pair of tweets right after their win.

However, there is a story that lives in infamy. After a Super Bowl win, the New England Patriots took the Vince Lombardi trophy to Fenway Park for the Red Sox’s season opener. At the game, Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edleman were messing around. Reportedly, Eldeman threw a baseball towards Gronk. But Gronk was holding the Lombardi trophy like a bat.

As the ball came in towards him, the tight end acted like was going for a bunt with the trophy. Of course, he made contact with the ball right on the football part of the trophy. Consequently, the ball left a baseball-sized dent in the trophy.

So, the New England Patriots on Twitter decided to poke fun at Rob Gronkowski for this after the Super Bowl. More importantly, they also gave a big shoutout to Tom Brady.

New England Patriots in Tom Brady’s Corner for GOAT Conversation

The New England Patriots will certainly be in Tom Brady’s corner when the “greatest of all time” conversation arises. They will also be standing in Rob Gronkowski’s corner as well. It is probably safe to say that the franchise misses these two players because their fans absolutely miss them.

Patrick Mahomes had not lost a football game by this much since he was a starting quarterback in his junior year at Texas Tech. Since then, his largest loss was by 8 points. Unfortunately for him, Tom Brady is a cheat code in the NFL.

Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski had an amazing outing against the chiefs. The two set a postseason record for most touchdowns for a quarterback-receiver pair. The New England Patriots were among the first to congratulate the two former Patriots on their Super Bowl win.