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NFL Fans React to Joe Buck and Troy Aikman’s Throwback Blazers on Monday Night Football

(Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images,)

As NFL fans get ready for some Monday Night Football on Halloween, Joe Buck and Troy Aikman are rocking some throwback blazers. For years, the ABC sports crew would wear yellow suit jackets with the company logo on the breast of the jacket. Fans were digging the throwback look.

The game tonight between the Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns might produce a scary result, but these blazers are something else! On a night when few folks in the broadcast booth were dressing up for the holiday, Buck and Aikman made sure to give a nod to the spooky holiday.

What do you think, Outsiders?

Blazers Steal the Show on Halloween Monday Night Football

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Halloween is the best holiday and we need to do this stuff all the time. I was thinking the same thing. So is this fan on Twitter, they are being honest. Gershon tweeted, “I wish Joe Buck and Troy Aikman wore the old ABC Sports yellow blazers every week on Monday Night Football.”

We all wish that Buck and Aikman could wear these things all the time. It’d bring a bit of class back to Monday Night Football with these blazers.

When those blazers hit the screen, it was like we were living a few decades ago. While it wasn’t as creative as the costume Eli Manning was wearing tonight, we’ll take it. The broadcast booth has to be more professional than the Manning brothers, anyway.

“Love the [classy] MNF blazers for Buck and Aikman,” another fan tweeted out.

So, most of us at home were paying attention. While the rest of the world realized that it was Halloween today, Ken on Twitter was not following along as closely. They had to go to Twitter and ask about the mustard blazers.

“Wait … [Joe Buck and Troy Aikman] are wearing the old ABC Sports mustard yellow blazers???? Why? It’s a great flashback, but… What???” It’s alright, buddy. There’s always next year.

Monday Night Football on Halloween is special. This doesn’t happen every year. Joe Buck and Troy Aikman showed out this year. What will be next for the broadcasting duo?