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NFL Fans Roast Bills QB Josh Allen’s Strange Pregame Playlist

(Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images)

Josh Allen is big. He’s fast. He’s got a rocket of an arm. And color us shocked, but the 25-year old star NFL quarterback of the Buffalo Bills is an old soul. How do we know? Well, one look at the man’s pregame playlist tells you everything you need to know. Naturally, NFL fans saw it and had no shortage of wonder.

When it comes to music taste, everyone is right. People take their playlists very seriously and can easily be offended when their preferences aren’t shared. So what’s on NFL superstar Josh Allen’s playlist that created such a stir? Was it a divisive genre like screamo or hip-hop? No. In fact, some of you Outsiders who appreciate the classic pop sounds of Ol’ Blue Eyes will be pleasantly surprised by Allen’s music selection.

Oh, and of course, Elvis Presley fans will be equally delighted. Somehow, Elvis seems a bit more universal than Sinatra—not to say one is better than the other. We wouldn’t do that here. But folks on Twitter certainly would, and they wasted no time walking all over the NFL star’s personal pregame music preference.

As you can imagine, most of the criticism came from Josh’s peers. That is to say, the younger generations of NFL fans.

The tweet below sums up countless replies along the same lines.

Others had no problems with his selection, however.

Terry Bradshaw Once Said NFL Star Josh Allen Had a Better Arm Than Patrick Mahomes

Tonight, NFL fans watch as two of the best quarterback talents in the league do battle on the primetime Sunday Night Football stage. The game is currently being delayed at halftime by a large storm system ripping through Kansas City.

Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills hold a 24-13 lead over Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs through two quarters of play. Considering the way the game has gone thus far, there hardly seems like a better time to bring up one of the more controversial statements NFL legend Terry Bradshaw has ever made.

“There is not a better arm in the NFL than Josh Allen,” Bradshaw said during a FOX pregame show in January 2021.

At the time, Bradshaw’s comment seemed wishful at best. Fast forward to today, however, and Allen is making Bradshaw look pretty good. Of course, there’s a lot of football left—in the game and the season itself.