NFL: Joe Buck, Troy Aikman Catch Heat for Announcing Performance…Again

The announcing of two football games on Sunday drew incredibly different reactions from football fans. NFL fans listened to Jim Nantz and Tony Romo announce, first, as the Kansas City Chiefs took on the Cleveland Browns. Following the early game, Joe Buck and Troy Aikman called the game between the New Orleans Saints and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

A lot of football fans were certainly disappointed with the vast differences between the two play calling pairs. People took to social media to criticize Joe Buck and Troy Aikman.

Even though the criticism of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman was widespread on Sunday, they are still considered to be one of the best broadcasting teams out there. The broadcasting team has called some of the most important games in the NFL.

It is also worth mentioning that in addition to calling football games, Joe Buck also calls the MLB’s World Series. So, no matter what criticism he gets, it appears as if he’s not going anywhere.

Nonetheless, they often come under fire for their style of broadcasting. Nantz and Romo are incredibly enthusiastic and give fans an in-depth description of the play and what might happen.

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman are quite different from their counterparts. Their style is much more of a classic broadcasting approach. They stay even-keeled for as much of the game as they can, offering only a few jokes and snippets along the way.

But, going from one team to the other in back to back fashion shines a bright light on their differences. And, fans clearly seem to prefer the Nantz and Romo team to Buck and Aikman.

One moment during the game was especially highlighted. Joe Buck came up with a clever nickname for New Orleans Saints’ defensive back CJ Gardner-Johnson. Buck began calling Gardner-Johnson “the ejection whisperer.”

The reason being that Gardner-Johnson has been apart of some impressive on-field skirmishes, two of which led to two different Chicago Bears receivers getting ejected this year.

NFL Fans Are Criticizing Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, Again

So, NFL fans took to Twitter to express their disappointment with the pairing’s announcing. Even though neither of the two has said or done anything really wrong, their style is apparently too bland for many people. At least in comparison to Nantz and Romo, that is.

The stark change between broadcasts prompted some wildly funny tweets, mostly at Joe Buck and Troy Aikman’s expense. As always, Twitter is a ruthless place.

This iconic Migos video sums up this person’s feelings about the pair’s delivery. And as you can see from the amount of ‘likes’ on the tweet, it is a popular opinion.

The tweets aren’t all snarky, though. The duo is well-liked and received a good amount of praise for their work during the game as well.

Notably, the duo did an excellent job paying tribute to Drew Brees, who might have played his last NFL game. The two delved deep into his career, bringing up some of his greatest accomplishments. But as a whole, Buck and Aikman, in many people’s eyes, don’t meet the standard that Romo and Nantz set consistently.

Regardless, the Buck and Aikman duo are going to call one more game this year. They will be broadcasting the Green bay Packers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers game. The game features a highly anticipated matchup of Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. Meanwhile, Nantz and Romo will be calling the AFC Championship Game between Kansas City and Buffalo next weekend.

However, Tony Romo and Jim Nantz will be doing the play calling for Super Bowl 55…so some NFL fans can rejoice about a Migos level announcing.

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