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NFL: Peyton Manning Inducted into Hall of Fame

Photo by: Justin Casterline/Getty Images

A new member is being inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. It just happens to be The Sheriff himself. The 2021 Hall of Fame class will include legendary quarterback Peyton Manning who played for 18 seasons before retiring in 2016. “Peyton’s Place” is now amongst several other legendary football players.

During his career, Manning led the Indianapolis Colts to eight division championships, two AFC championships, and one Super Bowl title. When he signed with the Broncos in 2011, he led them to two AFC championships and ended his career by winning another Super Bowl.

He is the only quarterback to ever win the Super Bowl with more than one team. That is if Tom Brady doesn’t come away with a win against the Kansas City Chiefs during Sunday night’s Super Bowl.

However, he holds many other NFL records. He has five AP MVP awards, 14 Pro Bowl appearances, and 14 4,000-yard passion season.

2021 NFL Hall of Fame

Now Peyton Manning can add the NFL Hall of Fame to his list of successes, according to Popculture. The player was inducted on Saturday night and will be memorialized in Canton, Ohio forever.

Although he was formally inducted on Feb. 6, he has known of his future in the Hall of Fame since late January. He was filming an episode of his show “Peyton’s Places” inside Bronco’s stadium. Then suddenly his former coaches walked up to him on the field.

They watched a special video sequence on the jumbotron before the president and executive director of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, David Baker, officially delivered the news.

During the ceremony, players can choose a person to introduce you. Manning chose his father Archie Manning, who was also a professional quarterback.

“My dad was my favorite player growing up. He was my favorite quarterback. He’s had the greatest football influence on me, even though he never was my coach. Pickup football, knee football in the den, backyard football. He used to go over to our high school because we’d ask him to come watch us throw with my receivers,” Manning said, according to the Denver Broncos site.

Peyton Manning Now

Manning was the No. 1 pick during the 1998 NFL Draft, starting immediate success on the football field. Now, he has ended his career with 71,940 passing yards and 539 passing touchdowns. This puts him in third place for NFL history.

He is considered one of the best quarterbacks of all time, alongside names like Tom Brady and Joe Montana.

Manning’s newest job has been his ESPN show, “Peyton’s Places.” In the show, he relives major moments in NFL history alongside players, coaches, and other celebrities. The hope is to showcase all the cultural impacts the game of football has had on the world.

So far he’s talked to figures like Kurt Russell, President Bill Clinton, Ron Jaworski, Darrell Green, and David Letterman. Although, no player or athlete or figure can ever compare to the respect he has for his father.