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Terry Bradshaw Makes Morbid Joke About Dying On-Air at FOX

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Ian Maddox for The Washington Post via Getty Images

Terry Bradshaw was in extra quippy form this week as he talked to reporters covering the Super Bowl. The NFL Hall of Famer is a long-time analyst for Fox Sports so he shared his observations on the Eagles and Chiefs.

He also went off on tangents, whether it concerned his opinion on certain coaches or quarterbacks. Plus, he cracked jokes about his own health. Yes, he’s really thought about dying on air.

A long-time NFL reporter from Denver shared some of what Terry Bradshaw said. Andrew Mason posted “Terry Bradshaw, national treasure, with thoughts on his career, mortality, etc.”

And then he quoted Terry Bradshaw: “I told Fox, if I could just die on the show — think about the ratings, right? I mean, are we not about ratings? That’d be huge. Not only that, it’d be a huge carry-over. …”

Terry Bradshaw Shared Details about His Health Struggles This Season

Bradshaw carried on with his death imagery.

“All the networks would be saying Bradshaw died on Fox NFL Sunday. Can you imagine the huge stuff,” the old QB said. “And maybe I’d get a statue out front. But I want to do it if I can keep my health together. I love what I’m doing. We all get old. We’re all going to get kicked out. I’m not looking over my shoulder. But (Tom) Brady is coming in. … for $37.5 million.”

Throughout the season, fans have discussed Terry Bradshaw’s health and whether it was impacting his time on set each Sunday. Steeler fans adore Bradshaw. After all, he won four Super Bowls for Pittsburgh. He’ll never need to buy another adult beverage or dinner when he visits Steel City. Bradshaw also has become a figure in pop culture. He always comes across as who he is at heart, an authentic Louisiana country boy.

In early October, he revealed some health details. He’d been fighting two forms of cancer — bladder and skin. But at this point, he was feeling much better.

“Folks,” Terry Bradshaw said, “I may not look like my old self, but I feel like my old self. I’m cancer-free, I’m feeling great and over time, I’m going to be back to where I normally am. So I appreciate your prayers and your concern.”

Now, back to this week and the Super Bowl. Fox is broadcasting Sunday’s game. And to promote it, the network made its announcers and analysts available to discuss the Eagles and Chiefs.

Bradshaw generated headlines for what he said about Sean Payton along with quarterbacks Russell Wilson and Kyler Murray. Bradshaw and Payton are friends. So Bradshaw had some insight as to why Payton took the head coaching job with Denver and not Arizona.

According to Bradshaw, Payton didn’t want to work with Murray. He said Payton could deal with Wilson.

We can’t wait for Sunday.