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Ole Miss Coach Lane Kiffin Trolls Alabama on Twitter in Video With Riley Green

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Recruiting never stops, even when Lane Kiffin is on the tour bus with a country music singer like Riley Green, he’s trying to get his guy. While Green’s playing days are behind him and his college eligibility used up at Jacksonville State, Kiffin had to get him to commit to Ole Miss. It just so happened the singer was in town for a baseball game. Oh, and a concert at The Grove with other fun acts.

As most Green fans will know, the Duckman is a Crimson Tide fan. Alabama through and through, born and raised. However, Kiffin might have been able to convince him over their feelings about the Tennessee Volunteers. Who knows?

In case you didn’t see it yesterday, this was a long play. Lane Kiffin and Ole Miss got Riley Green into a Rebels hat and jersey while he was throwing the first pitch. Then, they showed him a good time around campus like you would any other recruit. That’s when they got the verbal commitment. “I’m taking my talents to Ole Miss,” the country singer says in the video.

Kiffin isn’t just a recruiting wizard, he’s also one of the sports world’s best internet trolls. He just knows what to post and send out to get under the skin of some fanbase somewhere. Many times, against Tennessee and more playfully, with Alabama. Gotta keep that door open for the future, you know?

Lane Kiffin and Riley Green Watch Rebels Struggle Against Alabama on the Diamond

As for the baseball game, the No. 9 ranked Ole Miss Rebels didn’t fare as well as they hoped. It might have been some bad mojo to rub it in Bama’s face with Green coming out in an Ole Miss jersey. He threw out the first pitch and after the game played a show for fans. However, it wasn’t enough to will the home team to a victory.

Despite Kiffin landing the commitment from the singer, the Tide got the last laugh on the field. The visiting team won 12-10 in extra innings, an unranked upset over the top-10 Rebels. Tough break. Ole Miss tried to make it as conducive to winning as possible. Big guest for the opening pitch and an after-show, a packed crowd for home-field advantage, but it just wasn’t enough.

Something tells me that Kiffin is a little less worried about what happens on that field than he is with what happens on his field. In the video with Green, it looks like they were enjoying some Basil Hayden bourbon. Great choice if you ask this Kentuckian. All that matters is that everyone had a good time, right? And, it looks like Kiffin and Green both had a great time last night.