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Olivia Culpo, GF of Christian McCaffery, Shows Off in Collection of Black and White Outfits

Photo by Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for Stella Artois

Olivia Culpo, posting on social media, asked her fans which look they liked the best.

Is it possible to like all of them?

Culpo, the model, former Miss Universe and current social media influencer, posted a collection of 10 photos. In all of them, she was wearing the classic combo of black and white. It’s pristine for any time of year.

She captioned her photo collection, “I’ll never get sick of this combo 🏁 black+white lewks. Whats your fav?”

Olivia Culpo Talked About Her New Fashion Line

Earlier this week, Culpo, who dates Carolina Panther Christian McCaffrey, showed off in an all-white jumpsuit. Posing with her sister, Culpo wrote “Two things I know Sophie Culpo always has 1. My back 2. An item of clothing from my closet.”

Olivia Culpo and her sisters talked earlier this week about their new line with Macy’s. It’s their second line the sisters designed for the chain of department stores.

While the photos she posted Thursday tended to be high dollar outfits from designers like Christian Dior, her clothes at Macy’s are more affordable. Yet the clothes still look high dollar.

“This collection is a lot more fashion-forward than some of our other more comfy, cozy collections,” Olivia Culpo said. “There are a lot of really amazing silhouettes and structured shoulders. I also love the color palette for this drop with the denim and nudes.”

Added Aurora Culpo: The good news is a lot of the styles come in a few colors so it was really just choosing colors for each other. I tend to wear a lot of lighter colors and whites, Olivia loves her nude tones and Sophia looks amazing in black so it actually worked out really well.”

Yet in Thursday’s photo collection, Olivia Culpo was showing off black and white. Her “lewk.” A lewk is a signature style. In the photos, Culpo’s look went high end, with a mini dress she could wear to a cocktail party or a night on the town with Christian McCaffrey. There was more of an office look, with Culpo’s using a gold belt as an eye-catching accessory.

Or, there were photos of Olivia Culpo going casual, wearing leggings and a parka.

The “lewk” was going over well with the Instagram crowd. She has 4.7 million followers.

One follower replied: “You are the queen of street style. Everything you wear is perfection.”