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Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte Receives Surgery After ‘Inflatable Waterslide’ Injury

Photo credit: Harry How/Getty Images

Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte was slipping and sliding all the way to the hospital. The athlete underwent the knife after an “inflatable waterslide” injury. Unfortunately for Lochte, he should probably stick to Olympic-size swimming pools than children’s water slides.

His wife Kate Lochte shared the news on her Instagram on Friday. She also poked a little fun at her husband with her post. She wrote, “A legend of lessons … don’t race down an inflatable kids water slide folks!” It turns out that Lochte injured himself racing 4-year-old Caiden Zane and two-year-old Liv Rae. The giant inflatable water slide proved to be too much for the swimmer.

While the situation may have its humorous tone, Lochte’s injury was not. The swimmer seriously injured the meniscus in his knee. In fact, Lochte wound up having to go to the hospital to have surgery on Friday. Doctors managed to repair the tear successfully.

“So Ryan’s at surgery,” Kayla said in an Instagram story. “I don’t know if I told you guys how he tore his meniscus, so he’s getting that fixed this morning.”

While Lochte underwent surgery, Kayla watched the couple’s two children. Later, the Olympic swimmer confirmed that he would be okay. He posted a picture to Kayla’s Instagram, giving all of his followers a thumbs up for a successful surgery. He also wrote, “Surgery was a success!”

Ryan Lochte’s Recent Bad Luck

If you were superstitious, you would have to wonder if Ryan Lochte broke any mirrors or walked under any ladders lately. Well, his injury did happen on Friday the 13th so there’s that! But Lochte’s injury comes during a bit of a tough break for the swimmer.

Just two months ago, Lochte failed to qualify for the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics. He last competed in the 2016 Olympics, winning several medals but also involving himself in scandal. Lochte got suspended for vandalizing a gas station during his stay in Rio. He falsely claimed at the time that he had been robbed at gunpoint. For the scandal, Lochte garnered a 10-month ban from swimming at the time.

Additionally, Lochte had to undergo surgery last August as well. The gold medalist revealed that he was experiencing an appendicitis. Doctors managed to successfully perform the surgery and remove the appendix. “Hey everyone, surgery went amazing, I’m all good – I feel great right now,” Lochte said at the time after his surgery.

It remains to be seen if Lochte will ever race in another Olympics again. But the swimmer has already made his mark on the sport. Lochte said he plans to continue to swim competitively until it’s no longer enjoyable for him.

“I’m still having fun,” he said. “I’m finding different ways making swimming fun again. I still want to race.”