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Patrick Mahomes Fiancé Brittany Matthews Sounds Off on NFL Fans Calling Her Future Husband ‘Baby GOAT’

(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

Kansas City Chiefs All Pro quarterback Patrick Mahomes has one thing on his mind at the moment — winning a second consecutive Super Bowl.

It isn’t exactly a news flash to say that Mahomes is really good at playing football. He is one of the National Football League’s brightest stars at only 25-years-old and his best football still likely ahead of him. The star quarterback put up an MVP caliber season in guiding his Chiefs to a 14-2 regular season and second straight Super Bowl appearance.

Mahomes is so good at football that some NFL fans refer to him as the GOAT. In case you haven’t read up on your sports slang terms, “GOAT” stands for “Greatest of all Time” and athletes consider the term of endearment to be an honor.

Given his young age and lack of seasoning, some NFL fans have taken to calling Mahomes the “baby” GOAT. While still carrying a positive connotation, baby GOAT doesn’t have the same ring to it as just a regular GOAT. Mahomes has shown no qualms with the nickname bestowed upon him. However, his fiancé, Brittany Matthews, doesn’t seem fond of it.

She expresses her displeasure on Saturday, retweeting a post that states calling a grown man “baby GOAT” is corny.

Patrick Mahomes is ‘Baby GOAT’

It all started on Friday with a tweet from sports network ESPN, which says they will be celebrating the Super Bowl matchup. In the tweet, ESPN asks fans to hashtag either Tom Brady (Big GOAT) or Mahomes (baby GOAT) in their responses.

“In honor of Super Bowl LV, Twitter is celebrating Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady,” the Tweet states. “Tweet any of these hashtags for the Baby GOAT vs. Big GOAT emoji.”

While most fans played along, some point out that being called a “baby GOAT” might be insulting to a grown man. After reading a fan’s response, Matthews retweets it and adds her own thoughts on the GOAT debate.

“I’d like to go on record and say that I think it’s corny y’all calling a grown man a “baby” goat,” the fans tweets. And I hope you eat your words tomorrow. Thank you, that is all.”

Matthews made it clear she completely agrees with the social media user’s sentiment.

“Couldn’t agree more,” she says with a frowny face emoji at the end of the tweet.

Mahomes will have an opportunity to move into the next level of “GOATness” tonight in the Super Bowl.