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Patrick Mahomes Fiancee Brittany Matthews Shouts Out Fan That Streaked Field at Super Bowl LV

Photo by James Devaney/Getty Images)

The fan who raced onto the field during Super Bowl LV got the attention of pretty much everyone watching the game in person, on television, or on a handheld device. Among that group of people was Brittany Matthews, the fiancee of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

“Shoutout to the fan that just stormed the field,” Matthews tweeted just after the incident that will have many more people taking to social media to talk about it.

Followers of Brittany Matthews were quick to respond to her via Twitter Sunday evening.

“Shake this game off. Enjoy this baby. Get ready for this next season because Patrick is going to go nuts I believe,” one person posted in response to her tweet. “The best and most accurate thing the refs called all night!” another individual said. “Have a healthy birth of your daughter. Patrick will be back strong in the fall 2021. Stay positive,” read another tweet.

For more about the individual who made it onto the field during Super Bowl LV, click here. The video shows the individual being grabbed by security and cuffed.

Brittany Matthews Tweets During Super Bowl LV

The tweet about the fan racing onto the field during Super Bowl LV wasn’t the only time Brittany Matthews posted on Twitter during the big game.

Earlier in the game, she shared her thoughts about how the game was being called by the officiating crew. Kansas City was called for several costly penalties during the first half of the game and Matthews, along with many others, was not happy about it.

“If y’all call one more weak a** flag,” Brittany Matthews posted on Twitter.

Super Bowl LV ended with a 31-9 victory by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers over the Kansas City Chiefs. The Buccaneers were led by Tom Brady who won the seventh Super Bowl of his career.