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Someone on the Pittsburgh Sideline Was Handcuffed Before Game Against Georgia Tech

(Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images)

On Saturday (October 2nd), head turned as someone on the University of Pittsburgh sideline was handcuffed and escorted off the field just minutes before the Georgia Tech football game.

“Someone on Pitt sideline just got cuffed and walked out?” a Twitter user revealed with a snapshot of someone walking off the University of Pittsburgh sideline with police. However, nothing has been revealed about who was escorted by police before the game.

University of Pittsburgh fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts about the situation. “The madness continues!! This season is special!” One Twitter user shared

The Twitter user who posted the snapshot of the Pittsburgh sidelines also wrote, “I think he was trying to make the point that Norvell had the better post-loss presser. And CG5 wasn’t having it.”

Meanwhile, the University of Pittsburgh ended up defeating Georgia Tech 52-21. Pitt currently has a 4-1 record.

University of Pittsburgh Scores $20 Million Donation 

Meanwhile, the University of Pittsburgh announced its football program received a $20 million donation. Pitt revealed that the donation is from alumnus Chris Bickell.

The University of Pittsburgh also reports that $10 million of the $20 million is going towards the enhancement of training nutrition and learning environment infrastructure for the football program. The donation’s remaining funds are going into an endowment to support the efforts. 

Speaking about the donation, the University of Pittsburgh Chancellor, Patrick Gallagher, stated, “Chris is a genius and longtime supporter of the University of Pittsburgh. This gift is perhaps his most powerful. And it will help to share the future and success of Pitt Football for years to come.”

Besides the Chancellor’s words, the University of Pittsburgh’s Director of Athletics, Heather Lyke, revealed, “Chris understands the transformational role athletics can have on a young person’s life. And the joy and excitement it brings to students and alumni alike.”

Bickell graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a communication degree. He is also currently the CEO of WellHive, a startup that connects military veterans with health care services. Meanwhile, as part of his donation, the University will be renaming the head coaching position in Bickell’s honor. 

“Chris is an exceptional person and we are proud to recognize his passion and support of the Panthers by naming the head football coaching position in his honor,” Lyke shared.

University of Pittsburgh Donor Speaks Out About Incredible Donation

“I’m a proud Pitt man,” Bickell also declared. “And it is my honor to give back to this great University. I believe the leadership is in place to take Pitt Athletics and our football program to the next level.” 

Lyke further added, “We are forever grateful for Chris’s generous donation that demonstrates his commitment to our football program. And the extraordinary experience we want for our student-athletes.”