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Presidential Motorcade Makes a Pit Stop at Midfield on Boise State Football’s Iconic Blue Turf

Photo by Douglas Stringer/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We saw it on Twitter. So, it has to be true, right? At least those of us who are on Twitter regularly saw it — the presidential motorcade stopped Boise State’s blue football field for what looked like a photoshoot.

President Joe Biden and his team made a trip to Boise, Idaho on Monday in the presidential motorcade. The stop in Idaho’s capital city was the first for Biden since his election as president. And it comes at a time where droughts and wildfires have ravaged parts of the Western United States.

It seems like they had an entire schedule set up with things to do while they visited. Among those things, Biden took a tour of the National Interagency Fire Center. And, of course, he had to make some time to visit Bosie State University’s famous blue football field. Albertsons Stadium, which used to be known as Bronco Stadium for its first 44 seasons, was renamed back in May of 2014 after being purchased by a local resident, Joe Albertson.

But evidently, the President and his Secret Service team wanted to check out the blue stadium. In a series of photos posted to Twitter by the Boise State Broncos athletics account, the presidential motorcade can be seen driving around the stadium, posing for pictures, and shooting videos. Take a look down below:

“Boise State University was honored to have the United States Secret Service and Presidential Motorcade stop by Albertsons Stadium for a photoshoot on our famous blue football field.”

The Presidential Motorcade Is Also Known as ‘The Beast’

Fitting name, isn’t it? In a tweet posted a couple of minutes later, Boise State referred to the presidential motorcade as “The Beast.”

“Known as ‘The Beast,’ the 2018 custom built, armored Cadillac limousine served the last administration and current administration and is transported by Air Force One to where the POTUS travels.”

And after seeing the pictures, it’s easy to see why. But let’s jump under the hood for a closer look.

First and foremost, The Beast is a Cadillac decked out in eight-inch armor. As for the tires? Well, they are of a Kevlar grade. And the trunk of the presidential motorcade has everything you could ever need in case of an emergency. Now, we aren’t quite sure what kind of gas mileage The Beast gets but we do know that it is a diesel and that it can fit up to seven passengers.

Now, the pictures are pretty sweet — especially with the Boise State blue football field as the backdrop. There is obviously no denying that.