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Ravens Fan Gets Tattoos for Every Win, Ensuring Victories Last a Lifetime

(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

No one has ever regretted getting an in-the-moment tattoo. Or is it the other way around? Regardless, no one had ever kicked a 66-yard field goal. Yet Justin Tucker’s golden leg delivered the Baltimore Ravens a narrow victory over the Detroit Lions last Sunday with a record-breaking walk-off kick. The win left one fan feeling inspired. So inspired that he’s going to commemorate every single Ravens win of the 2021 season with his own flesh and blood.

Say what you will about Nic Cullison. The Maryland native knows more about dedication than most fans ever will. He’s also up for husband of the year. After Tucker’s historic field goal, Cullison had his wife take a tattoo gun to his thigh.

Why? Well, because go Ravens, first of all. Second, Nic’s wife, Naomi, has taken an interest in the world of tattooing. Is she a tattoo artist? Absolutely not. But the only way to get better is practice, and what better practice than logging a few hours on your husband’s thigh.

“If I have it my way, I will have a full leg sleeve by the end of the season and end it with Lamar holding up the Lombardi. After the Chiefs tattoo, I was like: ‘Do I keep it going, or am I going to let this die?’ Then, after that 66-yard field goal, that answered it for me,” Cullison told ESPN.

Rest assured, Nic Cullison won’t be letting it die any time soon. The man has been doing interviews with outlets like ESPN, after all. Not only that, but he has also captured the attention of Ravens players. His thigh tat picture earned a retweet from quarterback Lamar Jackson.

A Heartwarming Tale of Diehard Ravens Fan and His Wife

Love is more than skin deep. Nic Cullison’s decision to use his body as a Ravens canvas has a surprisingly sweet edge to it.

The man doesn’t really care how the tattoos come out. He’s already sporting two complete sleeves (not Ravens themed, as far as we know) and has more on his legs. At this point, he’s just celebrating his team in a unique way and allowing his wife to explore her interest in tattooing by using him as a subject.

“I know they’re not going to look perfect. At the end of the day, this story behind it to me is so much more. It’s cool that my wife is cool enough to do that for me,” Cullison continued.

The good news is Naomi will be taking over the design duties should the Ravens continue winning, per ESPN. She told the outlet that she’s “tired of them looking ugly.”

Take notes, people. These two are the epitome of a supportive relationship. And al