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Santa Ejected From AT&T Stadium for Putting Dallas Cowboys Fan in a Headlock

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Days after Santa’s biggest day of the year, he gets ejected from AT&T Stadium for putting a Dallas Cowboys fan in a headlock.

Well, it probably was one of Santa’s helpers dressed up as Santa, kids. After all that globetrotting and gift-giving, Santa’s perhaps relaxing on a Caribbean beach somewhere.

Consequently, Fox reported on Santa while social media picked up on his walk of shame outside the Dallas Cowboys home stadium.

Santa Joins Fans In Dallas Mayhem

This particular Bad Santa could have cared less about the Cowboys beating the ever-living tar out of the Washington footballers Sunday night. He put a fellow America’s Team fan in a headlock and got the boot.

Nevertheless, that deft move caused two security guards to escort St. Nick out of the stadium for the game and probably next season, too.

Quite a few punches were flying at AT&T Field Sunday. Social media caught a few fights among Dallas Cowboys fans.

One Cowboys fan got clocked in the face by a pink-polo shirt-wearing man. That’s just not right. Anyway, the beer had to be flowing well with that massive score.

Washington Players Get Involved, Too

Even a few Washington teammates threw a few roundhouses on the sideline. ESPN reported that Washington defensive tackle Jonathan Allen threw a punch at teammate Daron Payne over a “brotherly disagreement.”

First, both guys are former teammates at Alabama. Second, they’re teammates now on the Washington roster!

The website reported that both men sat on the bench after an eight-play, 75-yard drive by the Dallas Cowboys in the second quarter. The drive produced the Cowboys’ third straight touchdown. 

After the game, Allen tried to downplay the incident. He said, “if you look at how that game went, emotions are high, things are high, things happen.”

Payne called it a “brotherly disagreement.”

It all went down like this. First, Payne saw Allen. Then, Payne stood and jabbed a finger into Allen’s head. 

Allen stood, swatted Payne’s hand with his left hand, and hooked with his right, connecting with Payne’s head. Then, everybody got involved in breaking things up.

Even though the fists flew, thank goodness no one was hurt worse than a few body blows.

Fan Fighting On the Rise?

Besides, things have been pretty low-key since the Thanksgiving fight between two women at AT&T Stadium. Those women brawled at the concession stand when the Cowboys-Raiders game got out of hand on the field. The Dallas Cowboys went on to win.

Fan fights are so common now that one betting website weighed in.

USBets polled fans to figure out which fans would start fights, and they came up with five top contenders. Basically, the Eagles, Raiders, Steelers, Patriots, and Dallas Cowboys can be “thankful” that they all made the top five.

Want to know who would win a fight? The betting website’s poll had Raiders, Eagles, Steelers, Bills, and Cowboys fans winning with a few scratches.

The poll came from a survey of 2,000 NFL fans from around the country. Half were male and the other half female. The average age was 34 years old.