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Spanish Broadcast’s Call of New York Giants QB Daniel Jones’ Hilarious Run is a Must-Watch

(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

During Thursday night’s NFL matchup pitting the New York Giants against the Philadelphia Eagles, Giants Quarterback Daniel Jones stole the show.

It wasn’t a deep pass or a tight spiral from Jones that brought forth massive social media attention. Instead, it was Jones stumbling over his own two feet only a few yards away from scoring a touchdown.

Fox Play-by-Play announcer Joe Buck and his broadcast partner Troy Aikman were in disbelief of Jones’ 80-yard run. The quarterback began to stumble sprinting to the end zone and would eventually be tackled by an Eagles player at the 8-yard line.

“He trips! Absolutely all alone and he trips going into the end zone,” Buck says watching the play. “A walk-in touchdown and he trips himself.”

Aikman, who provides commentary during NFL games, was also befuddled by what he just seen.

“That is the only way he doesn’t score,” he says of Jones’ stumble.

Spanish Broadcast of Jones Run

While Buck and Aikman provided comical analysis of the play, the Spanish broadcast of the game provided an even funnier commentary.

Even for the non-Spanish speaking viewers, the video is still pretty hilarious. You can hear the excitement in the announcer’s voice as Jones runs through the clearing into the end zone. You can also hear the inflection of his voice when Jones begins his fall. The announcer can even be heard chuckling as the quarterback crashes to the turf.

The Giants would go on to score on the drive with running back Wayne Gallman scoring on a 1-yard run. The Giants took a 14-10 lead with Gallman’s gallop into the end zone but would ultimately fall to the Eagles by a final score of 22-21.

In a game featuring two teams with losing record, the QB’s mistake was the game’s biggest takeaway. The video of Jones falling to the ground short of the goal line made the social media rounds and went viral.

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