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Steve Austin Shuts Down Potential Movie With The Rock: It Would ‘Mess With His Credibility’

Photo by: Bill Watters/Getty Images

Are Stone Cold and The Rock teaming up for a movie?

While The Rock has entered into the acting world as a leading man, his foundation was in wrestling.

Turned Down Movie with The Rock

In an interview on the Pat McAfee Show, Steve Austin had a lot to say about the potential of joining The Rock on the big screen.

“It is what it is. I’m not looking to do that movie by the way, so that’s why. But if The Rock wanted to do that movie, all he’d have to do was say, ‘Hey dude, come up with this.’ Is it gonna happen? No. But people always ask me, and that’s why. It’s the integrity of his career, and he doesn’t need to do it. I wouldn’t press it to do it anyway,” Austin said.

Steve Austin completely shut any fan’s dream of seeing a full-length feature film featuring two iconic wrestlers. The wrestler didn’t shut down the idea out of hate, but rather a lot of respect.

“That might mess with his credibility a little bit. He’s worked long and hard, and people forget how long he’s been out there in the acting world now. He’s been out there longer acting than he was in wrestling. He’ll always be known as a wrestler and one of the top entertainers of all time, he’s the biggest movie star in the world. I think he takes his credibility very serious, and he doesn’t need me to do a buddy flick with him to stay on top being the No. 1 guy,” Austin said.

Steve Austin Career

While the Rock didn’t spend a long time in wrestling before his transition, Austin wrestled from 1989 to 2003. He started out as “Stunning” Steve Austin on WCW. He had long flowing hair.

Steve Austin was a part of the WWE during the “Attitude Era” where the organization’s popularity rose substantially in the late 1990s and early 2000s. As the attitude poster boy, he became “Stone Cold,” who was brash and vulgar.

Austin had 19 championships throughout his career. Stone Cold had a pretty legendary career and remains one of the top legacies of the WWE.

In October, WWE got involved in a legal dispute over the name “Stone Cold,” according to EWrestlingNews.

Chris Jones from the Kansas City Chiefs is trying to use the acronym “Stone Cold Jones’ for his soda company. This violates the copyright trademarks that belong to WWE and Steve Austin. A settlement is currently being negotiated.

Although he shut down a movie with The Rock, Steve Austin has starred in a number of films himself.

This includes “The Longest Yard,” “The Condemned,” “The Expendables, “Hunt to Kill,” “The Package,” and “The Stranger.”

He has a podcast called “The Steve Austin Show.”