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Steve Belichick Made a Lot of Weird Faces During Patriots vs. Buccaneers

(Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

There was a lot of expectation going into this Tampa Bay vs New England game. But no one expected these faces from Steve Belichick. Seriously, these are bizarre.

When your team is being led by Mac Jones against Tom Brady and you find yourself in the lead, confusion can set in. It sure looked like it for the young Belichick on the Pats sideline.

While his dad Bill Belichick usually wears his signature scowl, he looked a bit confused. However, Steve was doing something entirely different. There were multiple instances when the coach was caught on the sideline. Whatever you gotta do to get through the game. Stress can express itself in many different ways.

Also, that mullet just isn’t doing it for me. I’m not one to hate on a mullet, I think they can be done right. However, what Steve Belichick has going on is just…rough. Gotta have more volume in the front there, it looks a little too thin. More than a few people noticed the faces.

Sunday Night Football, there isn’t anything else like it. Through most of the game so far, the Patriots have managed to keep up with the Buccs. Mac Jones has played well and managed to somewhat outperform Tom Brady. The rookie held strong at home and made quite an impression.

Tom Brady began the game by breaking the all-time passing record. Drew Brees was in the house to watch Brady break his NFL record. It took just 68 yards. After a 28-yard throw to Mike Evans, the GOAT added another big milestone to his legacy.

Tom Brady Makes His Return to Foxborough

Tonight was a big night. Steve Belichick got to be on TV a lot and there was a big game. All week this game was hyped and it gave us plenty of drama. Tom Brady left New England for Tampa Bay and the two have gone their own way. Brady took his new team to a Super Bowl win, his seventh total. Meanwhile, the Patriots are looking to their next QB of the future.

The return was given a lot of hype due to the fact the record was set to be broken. 68 yards is nothing for an NFL quarterback. Although it took two drives to get there, he did it. The pass to Mike Evans went for 28 yards and the officials made sure the spot was right. There was a minor break while the video was reviewed, and Brady was given the yards for the record.

It was a briefly celebrated moment. Tom Brady put his offense in hurry up while the video screen flashed his congratulations. The referee gave Brady the ball that broke the record and he chucked it over to the sideline. All business for Brady, no funny faces like Steve Belichick