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Terry Bradshaw’s Erin Andrews Remark Ruffled Some Feathers

(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

During yesterday’s Thursday Night Football broadcast, NFL commentator Terry Bradshaw was trending on social media for remarks he made about reporter Erin Andrews on-air.

The pair spoke ahead of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Philadelphia Eagles game last night. Bradshaw chatted with Andrews about her recent interview with Bucs linebacker Devin White. The Super Bowl champ is well-known for his love of horses. So Andrews conducted their interview in White’s horse stable while wearing a country-themed outfit with a denim dress and tan cowboy boots.

Following the aired interview, Bradshaw complimented Andrews’ outfit and said he enjoyed the interview. That was enough to start a small controversy and have his name trending on Twitter last night.

“You got your cowboy boots on and your shirt. You’re looking good and I enjoyed that interview,” Terry Bradshaw said to Erin Andrews on-air.

While Bradshaw’s compliment isn’t overly egregious and may have even been well-intended, it didn’t sit well with many online. The Pittsburgh Steelers great became a topic of conversation on Twitter with numerous fans slamming his comments about Andrews. Several people shared their thoughts on the matter with many calling his remarks inappropriate.

Twitter Reactions to Terry Bradshaw’s Remarks About Erin Andrews

For some watching Thursday Night Football, Terry Bradshaw’s comments about Erin Andrews’ appearance was indicative of a larger issue within sports. Not only did some find his remarks inappropriate, but they think it’s an example of a systemic problem.

“This is why nothing will ever change with men in total control. Did anyone hear what Terry Bradshaw said to Erin Andrews? He went straight to how hot she looked in her cowboy boots while she was interviewing Devin White. He just said it out loud on National TV like it was okay,” a fan reacted on Twitter.

Other NFL fans called the pair’s interaction on camera cringeworthy to witness. In fact, one fan compared it to the old Joe Namath interaction with ESPN sideline reporter Suzy Kolber. In that instance, a clearly inebriated Namath tells Kolber he wants to kiss her in the live interview.

“Terry Bradshaw a little cringey in that interaction with Erin Andrews #TNFonFOX,” another fan agreed in their tweet.

Some think it’s time for FOX Sports to move on from Bradshaw. Multiple fans watching last night called for the network to take the longtime commentator off the air. You can add University of Massachusetts sports journalism director Steve Fox to that group.

“Here’s my semi-regular plea to Get Terry Bradshaw Off The Air. His good ‘ole boy routine is over,” Fox tweeted last night.

“Seriously though, I don’t know the issue. But his reaction to Erin Andrews story proves Terry Bradshaw needs some help & shouldn’t be on tv,” another fan added.

“Uh Terry Bradshaw just dished some sexual harassment towards Erin Andrews on TV…wtf. When are we going to get these idiots out of media/sports,” a third echoed on Twitter.

However, many others considered this an overreaction and shared their opposing views on the matter.

“Apparently Terry Bradshaw telling Erin Andrews that her outfit was nice is sexual harassment, according to Twitter. This place can be stupid very regularly,” one Twitter user said in Bradshaw’s defense.