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Tim Tebow Opens Up About ‘Calm Before the Storm’ of Big College Football, NFL Games

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Tim Tebow recently stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk all about his new book, why he has a CMA Award at his house, and whether or not he ever gets nervous before a game.

Tebow is famously known for his NFL career, but he’s arguably just as famous for his ability to inspire others. He recently released a new children’s book Bronco & Friends: A Party To Remember that’s sure to continue his inspiration in others.

With all eyes watching the college football national championship game tonight between Alabama and Ohio State, Tebow talked with Bobby Bones about his times before championship games. Having played in and won two national title games himself, Tebow is no stranger to what the players will be feeling prior to kickoff later tonight.

The former Heisman Trophy winner shared that he remembers the morning before a championship game pretty vividly.

“You’re trying to keep your mind off the game and go through your normal routine,” Tebow explains. “But let’s just be honest, you can’t even swallow because you’re so nervous.”

Tebow continues to say that he could hardly sleep the night before big games during both his collegiate and NFL career. That’s why he says, he’s turned to taking melatonin to help him sleep.

“It was horrible the night before a game. I started trying to find different ways to sleep,” he explains. “I was never someone that had a hard time getting excited for the moment. But I did have a hard time calming down, and kind of having that calm before the storm.”

Knowing Tebow gets nervous before big games just like everyone else is sure to bring some inspiration in itself. You can watch the entire eight-minute interview below:

Tim Tebow and Luke Bryan Tease Each Other

Meanwhile, Tim Tebow inspires through more than just his experiences and his new books. The former quarterback also auctions off his Heisman every year to a better cause. In his interview with Bones, he says that he doesn’t want his award “just sitting on his shelf collecting dust,” so he allows it to be auctioned off each year with all the money going to a good cause. Whoever purchases it, gets to keep his Heisman at their house for a few months.

The last purchaser was none other than star country artist Luke Bryan. As such, Tebow and Bryan swapped awards. Tebow’s Heisman is sitting at Bryan’s house while Bryan’s CMA Award is sitting at Tebow’s home.

The two have been having fun teasing each other with the others’ award. In fact, Bryan has posted hilarious videos to his Instagram account showing him using Tebow’s trophy as a hat holder and a towel rack. The rivalry heated up even more prior to the Florida-Georgia game earlier this year. Bryan, a die-hard Georgia fan, posted pictures of Tebow’s trophy covered with a Georgia hoodie and says he’s “putting a curse” on the Gators.

Tim Tebow got hilariously disrespectful himself. He posted a video to Twitter using Luke Bryan‘s Entertainer of the Year Award as a stirring spoon.