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Tim Tebow Opens Up to ‘Duck Dynasty’ Family About ‘Wanting to Be Respected’ in NFL Return

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Tim Tebow is an either-or kind of sports figure. The devout, charismatic and photogenic Christian is adored by millions.

Yet there was backlash from the adoration, which contributed to an equal amount of scorn directed his way.

And he’s especially seen the societal split this month as word broke that he’s signing with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Tim Tebow won’t be playing quarterback, his old position. Rather, he’ll try tight end with the Jaguars.

Tim Tebow spoke about receiving blowback for his beliefs during an episode of At Home with the Robertson’s. It’s a Facebook series from the Duck Dynasty family. The show released a clip to publicize the upcoming interview. Tebow appeared with his wife Demi-Leigh Tebow, a South African model who was Miss Universe, 2017.

In it, Tim Tebow said:

“I was reading a book by Winston Churchill and a time of his life when most of the world didn’t like him. He said, ‘If you have enemies, good. It means you stood for something at least once in your life.’ I think living on your convictions and standing firm is important when you believe in something to stand up for it. And it really changed my perspective from really wanting to be liked to then wanting to be respected because there’s a difference.”

Tim Tebow Won Heisman, Two National Titles at Florida

Tim Tebow is one of the best-known players in college football history. He won the Heisman Trophy in 2007 and helped lead the Florida Gators to two national titles. The Denver Broncos selected Tebow in the first round of the 2010 NFL draft. But Tebow didn’t pan out as a quarterback. His dual-threat game probably was best suited for college offenses. If anything, his best known play was anytime he scored a touchdown. He’d drop to a knee in prayer. That act was called “Tebowing.”

Tebow last played in the NFL during the 2015 preseason. He dabbled in pro baseball, playing in the New York Mets organization from 2016-19. He reached the Triple A level.

This latest attempt to revive an athletic career is mainly due to Tebow’s relationship with new Jacksonville coach Urban Meyer. Tim Tebow didn’t play tight end in high school, college or the NFL. But Tebow did play for Meyer at Florida. Now, the two are neighbors. Meyer said he has discussed what it was like to be so disliked.

“Tim and I’ve talked about, when he was a quarterback in the NFL that was a big topic,” Meyer said during a press conference, May 1. “I was so busy I didn’t give him the time,” Jaguars coach Urban Meyer said, who coached Tebow when they were at Florida. “‘What do you think? What do you think?’ And I didn’t know, I was too busy to even think it through. I know playing a position in the National Football League without — that’s a long shot, this is years ago. How did it happen this time? We had a conversation. He worked out with our tight ends coach, I stopped by, did not stay for the whole workout.”