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Did Tom Brady Celebrate 2021 Super Bowl Win With a Tattoo of Bruce Arians Holding Beer?

(Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Quarterback Tom Brady and his Tampa Bay Buccaneers teammates are still celebrating their big Super Bowl win earlier this year.

The Bucs beat down the Kansas City Chiefs last month in Super Bowl LV to the tune of 31-9. The team did plenty of celebrating afterward in their home city of Tampa Bay. During the ensuing boat parade in Tampa, Brady famously tossed the Lombardi Trophy a good distance from one boat to another. The Super Bowl suffered no damage due to the incident but it was Brady’s riskiest pass of the entire season.

No one on the Tampa Bay team celebrated the victory as hard as head coach Bruce Arians. As it was his first NFL championship as a head coach, Arians went all out on the celebration, including making good on a promise. Arians tweeted out that he got the Super Bowl tattoo he told the team he would get if they won the big game. Arians’ small tattoo features the Super Bowl LV logo and the Tampa Bay Bucs logo.

Seizing the moment for a humorous reply, Tom Brady tweets out on Wednesday that he also got a “tattoo.” Brady includes an image of his imaginary tattoo along with the photo of Arians that inspires it. It drew a lot of laughter from Bucs fans as well as fans of the NFL.

“Looks great coach,” Brady says in the hilarious social media post. “I decided to get one too.”

Tom Brady’s ‘Tattoo’ Draws Rounds of Laughter

Though it isn’t real, Tom Brady’s photoshop tattoo is quite funny and is sure to draw tons of laughs. The image was taken from a picture of Arians holding a beer while he has one leg stretched across his body.

Brady’s Wednesday morning tweet took in more than 71,000 “likes,” thousands of retweets and hundreds of comments.

Tom Brady is widely considered to be one of the greatest NFL football players of all time. At 43-years-old and playing for a new team, Brady led the Bucs to a world championship. For his efforts, he was given Most Valuable Player honors for his Super Bowl performance. He also recently agreed to a new contract with the Bucs that will keep with the team for next season. And possibly beyond.